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Whoa, I can’t believe we’re a week into June already! This month should be packed with content!

For now, you can check out my monthly Showcase article. This time around it features reviews of BATMAN AND SCARECROW YEAR ONE, the Luna Brothers’ Girls Volume 1: Conception, and Fallen Angel Vol. 5: Red Horse Riding. Enjoy!

New Girls Entertainment Network reviews, hot off the press!

Stop by and check out my latest feature, a review of the PlayStation 3 superhero game, Infamous. You can read that here.

6/3/09 Comic Book Review: Robot 13 #1

“Yes, it is!”

My friend, comic writer and shop owner Brandon Wilt, just got a story he illustrated published in WHEN DRIVE-INS ATTACK #3. I just bought my copy from indyplanet.com using a run-over college paycheck of a whopping six dollars (yeah, I know, big stuff), but you can also show your support for local indy creators by picking WDA #3 up at your local comic shop.

Additional Infamy

It’s funny because it’s true. Chain-link fences are honestly the only things you can’t overcome or interact with appropriately in that game. The rest of Empire City is, as they say, your fucking oyster.

My PlayStation 3 review of Infamous (or inFamous, whatever) will be online probably early next week … when new E3 coverage ends. Goddamnit, E3—you’re my article’s kryptonite.

Here’s something else for your amusement.


I never actually tried this, but I'm sure tempted to.