No buns thing hot make


The writers’ strike SUCKS and needs to end. Did you know the previous one, in 1988, lasted six months? Now, I’m all gung-ho for supporting writers. I write. But I want new episodes. Not to mention this could be very, very bad for Smallville fans. With Michael Rosenbaum ready to hit the actor’s Oregon Trail to bigger and better things (pfft, whatever) after this season, if it’s forced to end early, well … that’s just less of his lovely, evil face we ladies get to see. And because you really can’t have Superman without Lex Luthor (give me a break, you might as well kill of Clark Kent himself while you’re at it), Smallville‘s probably preparing itself for the long road and figurative dysentery, too.

R.I.P. (Cough)

Anyway, so if season seven really is the final season (because of Rosenbaum’s thoughtful departure), and it’s forced to end early, well … fuck. You know what really pisses me off? When actors who just happen to be crucial to the series suddenly decide to pack their bags. Okay, I’m fine with freedom of choice. I mean, actors sign contracts, and legally they don’t have to act in a series any length of time beyond what that contract binds them to. But, seriously. I think actors have an obligation to their fans after two, three seasons. Especially when things are going well and getting good. Take, for instance, Kiefer Sutherland. As Jack Bauer, he has about two more seasons left in his contract, and the word on the street is that he wants out. All right, it’s fair game. Seven or eight seasons is a hell of a long time—oh, but wait a minute, maybe it’s been around so long because … people actually like it? Could that be it? The actor was just lucky and talented enough to stumble onto a successful show, and, hey, isn’t that what actor’s aim for? Success? Huh. Oh, well. Anywho, Kiefer modestly says that he has no doubt that 24 will thrive without the presence of our favorite ass-kicking patriot. Well, Kief, that’s sure swell of you to say so, but who the hell are you kidding? Jack Bauer IS the show. He’s the only character, besides a random minor one, to be in every season thus far. In a show that’s constantly changing, its mercurial nature only works because there is one constant, one key stone, if you will, holding the whole mess together. Jack. Do you think that any of the other characters are nearly as interesting? And did you stop to consider that any actor who becomes the new focus will only be seen as some cheap imitation? “Bless your heart,” Kiefer, but, really, cut the modesty crap.

“Who, me? The star of a show? Naaahh!”

Jack Bauer, Atlas of 24 … And, well, just Atlas.

Careful, Kiefer. We might just send you to China.

Now, if only we could come up with something original to express our outrage … Hey, anyone know any Jericho fans?

The shit that could happen as a result of the writers’ strike.

Said well that.

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