The Bloody Piano Song


What’s the best part of the Smallville episode, “Spell”? When Lex plays the piano, of course … infinitás.

[sonific cc3ec405849c89ba6c6513b730a3ea062e211e72]

Impromptu in E Flat Major by Franz Shubert

Practice, practice.

See? She really did say “infinitás.” And you thought I made that up.

Okay, I know this is from season four, for crap’s sake, but I couldn’t help myself.

“Never better,” the line tv characters say when things are not actually better.

“Damn, I wish I had more half-naked scenes.”

Lex cries at the magnificence of a rectangular box.

Ewwwww … Wicked.

“If I concentrate real hard, this whole storyline will have never happened.”

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