Nicholson’s “killing joke”


Well, this is just eerie:

Jack Nicholson Said He ‘Warned’ Heath Ledger

Jack Nicholson didn’t seem too distraught over Ledger’s death, to say the least, as he turned the news into a smug joke (see the complete video here). Nicholson was strangely vague when he scoffed matter-of-factly, with unconvincing pity (à la le sigh), “I warned him,” followed by annoying British reporter laughter that seemed to scream something about Nicholson’s attitude (and, of course, reporter morals).

Reporters = evil spawn

Later Nicholson elaborated that he warned Ledger about Ambien, one of the six prescription medications for insomnia and anxiety that were apparently found in his apartment. While Nicholson’s explanation for his earlier words makes sense, I find the whole Ledger-Nicholson situation a little hard to swallow. Maybe it’s just my misanthropic side, but something smells of jealousy and a villainous sense of justice: Apparently Nicholson had said before that he was “furious” he wasn’t offered the part (or at least consulted). Excuse them, Jack, if they wanted to do a reinvention of the Joker instead of going with the same old, overused formula of parlor tricks and puns. Besides, you’re like, seventy-years-old. You might have dropped dead during the filming of The Dark Knight. Meh, Nicholson always seemed like an ass to me, anyway.

Good thing, Jack, acting lets you disregard your own personality.

On another note, Why So Serious? has added a subtle tribute to Heath on its viral website.


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4 Responses to “Nicholson’s “killing joke””

  1. 1 That guy behind the computer

    From what I read and heard, Jack warned him about playing the Joker. I figure Jack was jealous because they haven’t called him back to play the Joker. Than I heard some story about Heath admitted the role was a little demonic (From my sister) and the story he locked himself into a hotel room for a couple of months trying to develop a mind frame for the Joker.

    I’m slowly starting to believe Jack warned him about playing the Joker than the drug he was taking.

    I also agree with you about Jack falling dead playing the Joker in the new movie.

  2. Thanks for the comment! :]

    I read that, too (see my other post about Heath’s preparation for the role if you’re interested—there’s a part of an article from The New York Times about that). I think Nicholson himself admitted that he warned Heath about the toll playing such a character could take, though Nicholson also said that he “warns people” about taking sleep medications like Ambien. However, then Nicholson went on to say that he didn’t know “Mr. Ledger,” which kind of confused me. I guess he meant personally (obviously he had heard of Ledger), but still, if he warned him wouldn’t that mean that they’ve at least met? He could have meant that they weren’t friends or close acquaintances, but still. In another article I read it said that Ledger called Nicholson about how it felt to play the Joker, but I don’t know if that’s true or not.

    Hahah, personally, I wouldn’t be surprised if he seriously did drop dead during the shoot. I mean, I don’t think Nicholson takes care of himself that well (doesn’t he smoke heavily or something?), and he’s, like, seventy. Nonetheless, I guess you have to give the guy props: He’s still making movies. So it’s like I said: Good thing acting has nothing to do with one’s own personality.

    – Steph

  3. 3 MasterChimp117

    Nicholson shoulda died, he’s an old fart and im sure ledger will go down as the best joker ever, his performance was an F U to jack. Ledger wiil b missed and not forgotten

  4. Hehe.

    Ledger was indeed brilliant, and we won’t forget him or the gift he’s given his fans with his ground-breaking performance in his last completed movie.

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