And you thought Brainiac never said die


Cheers! Lost is back!

First, one update: In case you haven’t watched the newest episode of House yet or you missed it (although you can watch it for free on the House website now—hurray!), there will be a special, incredibly random new House episode this Sunday after the Superbowl (check your local listings) called “Frozen.”

Now, on to business. This Thursday’s going to be big for two reasons:

Lost. And Smallville.

Let’s start with Lost. Don’t even ask me about any intricate details of what happened on the season finale, because I honestly don’t remember much (seriously, who does when it comes to that show?). Charlie died, Jack finally told Ben up, the Losties called for help from who they thought was an ally (drowning Charlie said no), Mikhail died (again …), there was some mystery dead guy in a casket, and most importantly, and intriguingly, Jack and Kate were featured in a flashforward (the name of the funeral parlor Jack visited was an anagram, but it was obvious anyway) instead of a flashback.

Not Penny’s boat? CRAP.

Pirate guy “dies.”

Whose obituary is it (who’s neither friend nor family)?

One question that’s prying at my mind is: Will there be only flashforwards from now on or will they be reverting to flashbacks? Or both? And apparently … Someone’s supposed to come back from the dead (please let it be Charlie, please let it be Charlie …).

Now, onto Smallville. Kara still has amnesia, as the last we saw of her was at some diner in Detroit. Chloe almost got blown to bits, but a suspiciously stoic Clark saved her, and afterwards she reveals to Jimmy that she is a meteor freak (or meteor-infected, to be politically correct, or whatever). Gabriel learns he’s not Lex’s brother Julian but rather just some experimental clone of his dead brother made to satisfy Lex’s disturbed emotional need for belonging. Lana shows Clark a LuthorCorp employee named Casey Brock who’s repeating a Kryptonian error message similar to when a computer tries but fails to reboot, leading Clark to believe that the BRAIN-InterActive Construct (BRAINIAC) may still be alive and, even worse, is it learning from its mistakes. At the end, those who noticed Clark’s oddly distant behavior smirked at their magnificent powers of observation as our hero’s face distorted into that of none other than Bizarro’s, the phantom that transformed into Clark’s evil opposite back in the season seven premiere. So where’s the real Clark? Trapped in the ice of the Fortress of Solitude. Crap.

That’s just cool, man.

Uhm, really, really cool. It’s ice cold, in fact.

Thursday’s episode is “Persona”. Marc McClure, who played Dave McFly in the Back to the Future series, guest stars as Dax-Ur (I won’t pretend to know who the hell that is, but if someone recognizes a Superman reference, please tell). McClure is the only actor to appear in all the Superman films as well as Supergirl, portraying Jimmy Olsen.

Hmm, I wonder if he and Ashmore will share a scene …

Get ready to reboot, because Brainiac (played by James Marsters, known best as Spike on Buffy) returns tonight on the CW looking … uhm, a bit pale?

Not even dust can stop the Brain-InterActive Construct.

Jahh? Brainiac may be learning from its mistakes, but its intelligence is cleverly disguised by amazingly stupid expressions.

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