Man of Steel? Pfft. Try adamantium.


More Batman goodness, baby.

Go ahead, guess who’s behind the mask.

First off, I found a bootleg version of the six-minute Imax preview of The Dark Knight. Enjoy! I had to watch it twice simply because since the quality sucks (I mean, it’s a taping of a taping, you can only expect so much) and the scene shown is fast-paced, it was somewhat difficult to stay with it initially and fully understand what was going on. So if you watch it and have the same problem, play it again after you’re finished and things will be much clearer.

Part two: William Fichtner. Ahh. I love you on Prison Break as Mahone, I found you creepy as hell on Invasion, an ass in Armageddon, and yet I still have no idea how to say your last name. And for a minor character in a film where the main characters are so powerful—famous (and infamous) names played by big-time actors—they dominate the screen and make everybody else seem minuscule in comparison, you steal the opening scene of TDK. Bravo. In an article by IGN, Fichtner talks about how he got the role of manager in a mob-owned bank and his opinion of TDK director Christopher Nolan.

“I think that maybe he was looking for someone like me just to kick it off at the beginning of the film,” Fichtner said. “I try not to get into too much of the thought process of the casting of something; it has to come to me as something that’s cool. To be honest with you, to say yes to that small thing, to that little uncredited thing, it was really because of Chris Nolan doing it than anything else. I really, really dig this director. I met him a couple of times and I don’t know him well, but I like him and he’s best buddies with a friend of mine, so [I said] sure.”

Face it, Fichtner. You might be technically “uncredited,” but no one needs it in big white letters on black to know it was you who kicked ass as a bank manager. Okay, that didn’t come out as honorary as I wanted it to. You get the idea.

William Fichtner as Sheriff Underlay in ABC’s Invasion.

Part three, legos. Some awesome fan made a lego version of the theatrical TDK trailer matching the original nearly frame by frame.

Bring on the rocket launchers, knives, and lint. Recently I made a post about the marketing possibility of Ledger’s Joker as an action figure. Well, here it is (heh):

Love the, uh, stitched mouth. Very kid-appropriate.

The action figure will be six-inches tall and there will be two versions released by Mattel. Both will be available in stores in May. The first will be around eight dollars and comes with a rocket launcher that can be placed in the Joker’s hands. The second (the one pictured first above) will be around eleven dollars and comes with a …. erm … knife (and pockets full of lint, at least?).

“It’s not exactly a marketing point,” said Mattel’s P.J. Lewis of Ledger’s death. “But kids are going to buy the toy if they like the movie.”

Ledger’s family, on the other hand, are completely supporting the figure, including any other marketing regarding his character the Joker, which is good news for us fans.

“Heath was very proud of his work in the film, and his family is aware and supportive of Warner Bros. and its partner’s plans for the movie,” said a family spokesperson.

The rest of the article by the New York Post is here.

Switching gears. In an article by USA Today, Hugh Jackman talks about the obsession and phenomenon that is Wolverine. While he says nothing that gives new insight into the movie, he does say this:

Wolverine’s nemesis Sabretooth “is going to play a big part in it. And there will be a good bit of cameos” of new and familiar mutants, he says. “But you can’t give too much away, because fans are pretty hard-core. Their expectations go up a level every time you come out with a new film.”

Here’s the article.

Most excitingly, however, is the first picture released from the film. W00t!

Cages. Pfft.

Also, check out some pictures from the set:

Logan and Silver Fox’s cabin?

Could this one be the mining colony where James and Rose stay?

Also, Danny Huston will be playing William Stryker and Lynn Collins will be portraying Silver Fox in X-men Origins: Wolverine.

Danny Huston and Lynn Collins, respectively.

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  3. You sir, are blogrolled. Chewy, satisfying, and valuable stuff.

  4. Glad you like my blog, fullbodytransplant. I am, however, a girl. :]

    I shall return the favor, since I found your blog pretty cool anyway.

    – Stephanie

  5. Okay, then you… goddess… are blogrolled!

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  7. Wow! You’re a girl!? Me too. it’s really hard to find other women who are intrigued by comic books and accuracy in recreations. No wonder ‘Fullbodytransplant’ called you a goddess. 😛


  8. oh, I forgot to mention, I found you because I’m looking for a decent photo of Heath Ledger standing on that corner. I found the corner in Chicago and had someone photograph me in the same spot, but I can’t find the exact same camera angle, so it’s hard for people to recognize it. 😦


  9. Haha, yup, I’m a girl. Great to meet ya! It’s always cool to meet more female comic book fans. 😀

    Oh, awesome! Share a pic? 🙂

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