“Finally, I’m off that damned island! —Wait, I’m doing what now?”


Another X-men Origins: Wolverine update, my friends.

So what do Lost and the homo superior world of the X-men have in common? Dominic Monaghan, that’s who. Heh, I find this hilarious. Our favorite deceased Lostie will be playing Barnell Bohusk (aka Beak). Have no idea who that mutant is? Neither did I, really. Anyway, here’s a description:

Beak was a mutant whose bones were light and hollow. His arms had begun to grow feathers, which when fully formed, may have allowed him to fly. He could at the mean time glide and fly for short distances with great effort. Beak also had enhanced eyesight along with talons on his hands and feet. Even though Beak had bird-like qualities, it was extremely difficult for him to fly.

Apparently Beak hasn’t been in a lot of X-men comics, so I don’t feel too bad about not knowing who he is. Besides, my favorite boy with feathers is Angel, and he actually has wings, and can actually fly.

FATE has brought Monaghan to BEAK.

Also funny, Scene.co.nz interviewed Wolverine stunt double Kate Newman, who is probably doubling for Lynn Collins’s character, Silver Fox (at least that’s my guess). Now, there’s something in that article that I find amusing:

She also had the “unexpected” job of kissing Jackman’s double. “Definitely no tongue involved,” she adds.

Heh, why would a stunt double have to kiss another stunt double in a movie? What the hell kind of scene were they shooting? 😀

Newman had to dye her hair brown to match the actress’s, an “up-and-coming twenty-something Hollywood star and a ‘really nice girl’.” Hm, wonder who it might be.

On another note, I can’t wait for the new Indiana Jones movie that’s coming on on May 22 (it’ll be especially interesting to see Harrison Ford in an action/adventure movie now that he’s, uh—how old is he now, anyway?), I believe, called Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Jesus, they sure like words, don’t they? So here’s the trailer for IJatKotCS.

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