“Oh, happy day. Here comes Dr. Giggles.”


ItsJustSomeRandomGuy, the creative genius behind the Marvel/DC Youtube videos, was hired by the New York Comic-Con to make them a few promotional spots. Marvel approved the first one, featuring Doom. Way to go, man!

Okay, Lost. If you watched last night’s episode, “Eggtown”—was the ending not creepy? That’s just fucked up. I won’t say anything about the episode now, because it just aired last night and some serious shit happened, but I plan on making a post later on which will discuss it with those spoilers in mind, so don’t read it unless you’ve already seen it. Or don’t care. Either one.

But for now, something for your entertainment … A Sawyer Nickname video. It’s rather long, but it’s fast-paced and chock full of clips of Sawyer calling people by various names. Great stuff. I found it on the Lost wiki. Also, there’s a Sawyer nickname generator on abc.com, which is amusing. I tried it and it’s not that great, but who knows, you might find it stupidly fun.

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