I just love the smell of cyanide and adamantium in the morning


Two parts again. Part Uno: “It’s adamantium-tasting time, boys!”

I have another Wolverine update I meant to post, like, a week ago, but it slipped my mind. I intended to mention it in my last post, because it actually pertained to the Lost episode that aired yesterday called “The Constant.” Anyway, here it is.

Daniel Henney (left) and Kevin Durand (right)

If you watched last night’s Lost, the guy on the right might look familiar. Kevin Durand played Keamy, one of the men on the boat Frank, Sayid, and a “disoriented” Desmond traveled to by helicopter. So what does this have to do with Lost? Both of the actors shown above will be in X-men Origins: Wolverine, which is reported to hit theaters May 1, 2009. Kevin Durand will be playing the Blob (that’s right, it’s confirmed) and Daniel Henney will be playing Agent Zero, originally known as Maverick, “a member of the Weapon X program and an expert tracker with lethal marksmen skills.” Yeah, I know. Instead of being played by a German, he’s being portrayed by a Korean actor. That makes perfect logical sense.

And now on to the main attraction himself. Snikt! More exclusive Wolverine promotional photos have been released.

Ohhh, yeahhh …

The latest Empire magazine issue (April 2008) has an article about the movie and includes some Iron Man stuff, as well. In fact, if you live in the UK and subscribe before time runs out, you can receive a free Iron Man graphic novel to go along with it. Jesus, what am I, free European advertisement?

God, he’s ripped.

See both images in full at the Marvel website.

Part Dos: On to Batman. The Harvey Dent/Two-Face viral epidemic (no pun intended) has begun to sweep the internet. Check out I Believe in Harvey Dent and sign up by email, phone number, or both for updates on how you can help change Gotham city. I’ve joined the fight and immediately received an email stating this:

Citizens of Gotham! The future of our city rests in your hands!

Alone, we are helpless against the thugs and killers menacing our city.

Together, we have the power to take back Gotham.

In just a few days, you’ll find out how.

Sweet! I can’t wait to see what’s in store.

On another note, Todd Haynes—director of the movie about Bob Dylan called I’m Not There in which Heath Ledger (who of course portrays Gotham’s Clown Prince of Crime in the upcoming July movie, The Dark Knight) starred—and Aaron Eckhart, who plays Harvey Dent in TDK, paid a tribute to Heath in an interview by MTV.

Haynes recalled his experience on the set with Ledger, saddened that he was unable to join the cast and crew of INT as they strode down the blue carpet at the Independent Spirit Awards:

“We got very close on this project. He was an extraordinary person,” Haynes told MTV News. “[He was] so insanely gifted and so humble at the same time. I just love him and I’ll miss him always.”

… “He was beginning his directorial ambitions himself. We really shared the set together, and he really dug the way we were making my film. He’d come over and whisper some suggestions and it would be brilliant, f—ing brilliant,” Haynes acknowledged. “So we lost double, we lost triple. We lost a lot.”

… “I think people were so stunned by what happened because they had already put him in a different category because of his work. That’s why the tabloid stuff and the personal stuff didn’t explain it properly and never will,” Haynes argued. “He was so much more than that, and I really think it’s in what he’s already given us that we see him best.”

Ledger as one of six versions of Bob Dylan in I’m Not There

Eckhart remarked on his own awe of Ledger when they worked together on TDK:

“I am glad that I was able to be in the same room and watch him work,” Eckhart contended. “I had the chance to watch him shine in this movie. He did work that just blew me away. It’s a shock.”

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