Input the code, press execute


Time for some feedback from the lovely few of you who actually read my blog (or have stumbled upon it by some amazing roll of the dice). Hell, I just hope somebody actually reads this post.

I’ve been thinking of changing my banner from time to time. I have some ideas in mind, but I’d like to ask for your input at least the first time around and see how it goes from there.

So …

What kind of themed banner would you like to see featured next on my blog (yeah, I know, this isn’t actually a poll, but I tried)?

Let me know what you think, and by the end of March I’ll stick a new one at the top for awhile.

Also, I was thinking about maybe doing a Video of the Week sort of thing. I’m addicted to YouTube, so I don’t think I’d ever run out of material, and I thought it might be sort of fun. I don’t know, would I be wasting my time or do you think that might be cool?

And if anyone has something else they’d like to add (a suggestion or whatnot), go ahead. Make my day.

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15 Responses to “Input the code, press execute”

  1. It’s 3 DC vs. 1 Marvel. Gotta vote for the underdog. And Rogue.


  2. Hurray! Thanks for the vote!

    Oh, yeah, I didn’t even realize that, lol. I’m actually more of a Marvel person, it’s just Batman and Superman (because of Smallville) have been on my mind more lately.

    If by the end of March X-men takes the lead, then I’ll make sure to have various X-men in the banner—including Rogue. =]

    She’s awesome.

  3. X-Men. Preferably something with Emma Frost.

  4. 4 Sue

    Definitely Superman! Cheers!

  5. I’m with Fullbody! Make mine Marvel every time, unless you can find some Vertigo stuff for your banner, you know, 100 bullets maybe? Fables??

  6. Marvel fan, so X-Men.

  7. 7 Alec

    Voting for the X-Men as well, as every Rogue needs her Gambit 😀

  8. Blogsplosion! Thanks guys, I knew you wouldn’t let me down.


  9. Thanks for the votes! =D

  10. I love Batman! esp Val Kilmer!

  11. X-Men… specifically, Banshee. he’s nifty and has a funny accent.

  12. All right! Batman, whoo! =D

  13. Hehe, Banshee’s great.

  14. It has to be the God&%#@%* Batman…

  15. 15 Boy1der

    How about something to do with the Flash. And when I say the Flash, I mean Bart Allen, “May he rest in piece.” I know everyone thinks that Wally or Berry were the best, but there was something to Bart that I could relate to. Just a suggestion. Oh, and your right…Spoiler kicks major butt…too bad they went and killed her. Tim and Steph were perfect together.

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