Incredulity Hulk


Edward Norton kicks ass. I really like him as an actor—he was scrawny, pathetic, and hilarious in Fight Club and a frightening tough ass in American History X, especially. And apparently he played the guitar with Hole two times back in the nineties; Hole was awesome.

But now … he’s playing, heh, the Incredible Hulk. Wtf?

Edward Norton is … the Hulk? Seriously?!

Huh. That’s the last person I’d ever think would play the Hulk. Edward Fucking Norton. Weird.

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2 Responses to “Incredulity Hulk”

  1. See now, I totally love the choice of Ed Norton for Banner. I think he’s got the perfect mix of scrawney geek with inner bad ass. I can’t wait to see if someone else can fix what Ang Lee and Eric Bana did to one of my favorite characters.

  2. Lol! And yeah, exactly! Scrawny but bad ass—maybe that’s partly why I like him so. =D

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