The secret of time travel


… is on Fry’s ass. Comedy Central premiered Bender’s Big Score, a four-episode Futurama story arc, yesterday night. That was four straight hours (really one continuous episode) of Futurama goodness, baby, and God was it good to see new episodes of Futurama again. There will reportedly be at least nine more episodes in the future, hurray!

Since it just aired, I’ll try not to give too much of the awesomeness away besides what I said in this post’s title; in case you missed it, it’s already available on dvd. As you know, Matt Groening’s shows have a habit of making fun of the Fox network (as well as some other Fox shows have or still do), and as I noted with Firefly, with good reason. The first several minutes of BBS are, needless to say, a way of getting revenge against Fox. And holy shit, that revenge is served ice-freaking-cold. They severely and horrendously bash Fox to the point where it just seems bitter and murderous—but it’s still hilarious despite the initial shock, and then the show goes on peacefully. They did insert some (perhaps unconvincing) mercy, however, in response to their cruelty.

Also, one of the episodes featured a clue to a promotional website, I Love Bender, with tons of stuff, including a bunch of wallpaper (find more via the “Grab the Widget” button), which makes me happy. Coming soon: your head in a jar (similar to The Simpsons Movie‘s promotional Simpsonize Me website, maybe?).

The four episodes are packed with cameos from all sorts of familiar characters, to the delight of fans like me. It’s definitely a nostalgic, but refreshing (there was always the fear that after so long, the endeavor to bring it back and resume the show might crash and burn—but it didn’t, whoohoo!), experience, and it really is just fun and enjoyable. The way it should be, Matt Groening-style.

Still as great as ever. I can’t wait to see what’s next.

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2 Responses to “The secret of time travel”

  1. Dammit, I missed it. I wonder if they’ll reshow it… Hopefully. I’ll just have to keep my eyes open. Question though, any good Zoidberg moments? Cause he was always my favorite, love the Zoidberg!

  2. Lucky you: Comedy Central will be reshowing Bender’s Big Score on Sunday, March 30th.

    Yeah, Zoidberg was hilariously lame as usual. Check out a pic. =]

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