Harvey Dent’s hair, politics, Russian Batman, and … serial killers


Wow, this has been a long time coming. Unfortunately, there hasn’t been a lot of The Dark Knight news lately, but alas, I’ve got enough now to conjure up a post.

First up, The Gotham Times and its counterpart, The Ha Ha Ha Times have been updated to the second volume—whoohoo! As usual, The Ha Ha Ha Times is hilarious. Here’s a mash-up I made of some of my favorite quips from the issue (and thinking about it, that sort of thing would make an awesome wallpaper …):

I, too, hate when the gravy gets on my brownie.

And this … this is just great.

The hair is unstoppable.

After scanning the article, “Teen ‘News Junkie’ Creates Must-Read Gotham Web Site” on page two of The Gotham Times, I googled the phrase “Maiden Avenue Report,” the name of the website mentioned in the article. Sure enough, it’s a viral site. What is more, it contains links to two other viral sites: Citizens for Batman and DA candidate Dana Worthington’s political campaign website.

I Believe In Harvey Dent is also updated, and there’s a couple wallpapers on the site now, as well.

By the way, if you’re like me and have been wondering when the hell they’re going to release a pic of Two-Face … prepare for disappointment. This Harvey Dent/Two-Face spoiler is, well, frustrating, but it definitely explains why we haven’t seen any photos of Aaron Eckhart in crazy make-up. Now, excuse me while I go Drew Barrymore from Donnie Darko (highlight this space to see what I mean: “FUUUUUUUUCCK!”).

The Dentinator

DC also just released a new hardcover, deluxe edition of the Batman: The Killing Joke comic. Sweeet. And those Hot Topic TDK t-shirts are available here (a white I Believe in Harvey Dent), here (a white I Believe in Harvey Dent, Too), and here (a black Why So Serious?). Not as snazzy as the ones people got for the rallies (which are just plain awesome, front and back), but cool nonetheless. I’ll definitely pick one up to wear when I go see the movie in July.

GAH, what the hell is with me and t-shirts? Remember how I said I had could have snagged one of those cool rally tees because my sister lives in Columbus, Ohio, one of the Dentmobile hotspots? Well, my sister also introduced me to a radio station online called CD101 (which I listen to all the time now because it rocks) that’s in Columbus, too. This weekend they’re doing something they call a Select-a-Set, which is when you send in three songs you’d like to hear straight in a row; if you get picked, they’ll acknowledge you and give you a t-shirt. Well, I was lucky enough to actually have the radio on when they chose my songs: “Drama Queen” by The Switches, “Ready for the Floor” by Hot Chip, and “Take Out the Trash” by They Might Be Giants. I had wrote that I was from Pittsburgh in the email, and when the DJ finished playing my songs and mentioned that, I was like, “… Crap.”

Okay, it’s not like I didn’t realize that Columbus is about four hours away from where I live (I did). It’s just that, first of all, I didn’t really expect them to pick my songs and second, I thought it would just be cool to hear my songs on the air (which it was). So I emailed the DJ asking if my sister could pick up my shirt for me, and he wrote back saying that he sent my email to the station’s receptionist and that she’ll get back to me on Monday—it’s a weekend, after all, so it’s not normal business hours.

At any rate, I doubt they’re going to let someone other than the actual winner pick up the prize, especially when the rules I found on the site clearly say “no exceptions,” so this really sucks. Still, I’m hoping that receptionist is feeling merciful, considering the distance. And if she’s not (please let karma be good to her on Monday), I have thirty days to find a way to pick it up. School ends a couple days before the deadline, but still … eight hours for a t-shirt is seriously pushing it. Gorrammit!

“Respect my chain of command, GORRAMMIT!”

Heheh, I love Jayne.

Anyway, this is something I got way back in November:

I’m subscribed to a e-newsletter called Very Short List (VSL) which features a different book, video, music, movie, or whatever every weekday. The email on November 14, 2007, was very nerdish.

VSL // Holy ‘Crime and Punishment,’ Batman! We’re great literature!

It’s Dostoyevsky’s Crime and Punishment meets Batman:

Struggling with right and wrong, haunted by the past, and brooding about the future, Batman was the prototypical troubled superhero – a strangely costumed vigilante with what one could call the heart of an obsessive Dostoyevsky character. Robert Sikoryak, an illustrator who’s drawn many New Yorker covers, has transformed that comparison from mere pop-culture observation into an unexpected work of art. His comic strip turns Crime and Punishment‘s Raskolnikov into Batman, and renders his story in the visual style of mid-century comics.

Originally published in an anthology by the excellent graphic-novel/comic-book publisher Drawn and Quarterly, “Dostoyevsky Comics” is now available free in full-color scans on the Web. And while it’s a bit disconcerting at first to see the Caped Crusader whacking people with an ax, it works so well we’re hoping Sikoryak realizes the potential of The Brothers Karamazov as the Fantastic Four.

Kind of cool, huh?

Batman-On-Film posted MTV’s (awesome) video interviews with Christopher Nolan, Christian Bale, and Maggie Gyllenhaal and their individual takes on Heath Ledger’s death and TDK. And Superhero Hype! has more with Gyllenhaal. And finally, there’s an article on TDK by The Associated Press here.

Heh, one of my professors said something hilarious the other day that made me—being the comic book nerd that I am who has been tracking down The Dark Knight information obsessively—crack up. Now, taken out of context he sounds kind of evil, but he’s really funny and sarcastic and it made perfect sense in class, trust me. It went something like this: “… He’s not my favorite serial killer. I do have favorite serial killers. You know who my favorite is? John Wayne Gacy … He was a clown at kids parties, and he’d kill people and bury then in his back yard. He’s my favorite serial killer. But, see, serial killers aren’t just murderers, they have a certain flair to them. Like the Joker in Batman.”

Ahh, good times, good times.

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