Blogging police/(don’t) arrest this girl


(Hey, lookie! I’ve got an icon now on GEN! /embarrassed)

I feel like I’ve been abandoning my blog.

Okay, that was only slightly dramatic, but it’s a little true. Ever since I’ve been writing for the Girls Entertainment Network, I’ve had less time to tend to my own little blog. But the good thing is finals are coming up next week, so by this weekend at the latest I should have plenty of free time on my hands, which may or may not be a good thing. At any rate, I’m really happy that this semester’s almost over. Whoo! My last two classes are tomorrow, and in the morning I have to finish my second to last paper of the term, which, by the way, is uber geeky: It’s a comparison between No Country for Old Men‘s Anton Chigurh (Javier Bardem), which I previously reviewed, and Batman’s Harvey Dent from his origin comic, Batman Annual #14, “The Eye of the Beholder.” Yup, I Believe in Harvey Dent that much. Anywho, I noticed some really interesting comparisons between the two characters that I thought were awesome and wanted to explore. The theme of the class is hair, so yeah, that’s built into my thesis as an underlying note, but I think someone suggested I post it on the site (was that you, John?), so what the hell? It certainly fits.

The paper’s a little long, though, even for one of my posts, so I’ll have to see. If I put it up, it should be able to post it by next week (I’d like to get some feedback from my prof so when I post it it’s up to par). Hey, maybe I’ll throw some pictures in to spruce it up a bit. What do you guys think? =]

On another note, I really am enjoying writing for GEN, so don’t get me wrong. In fact, it’s opening up some cool opportunities. Sometime in the near future (I don’t know when yet), I’ll be reviewing some advanced copies of Top Cow comics. Sweet, no? I’m excited.

Speaking of comic goodness … I want both of these shirts from Hot Topic.

Curse my indecisive nature!

Grah! Must have both, damnit! Remember to wear a purple armband in memory of Heath (BOFers started it, not me) when you go to see the film in July … four days after my b-day, muaha!

Okay, in other news, this is waay overdue, sorry. But here it is, the third Marvel/DC NYCC promo video by ItsJustSomeRandomGuy! And it’s freaking Iron Man (cue the awesome Black Sabbath song)!

I am Iron Man … Dun dun dunun dun. Dunun dunun dun dun dunun dun.

And “The Guild”! Yay!

I almost forgot, I won an advanced copy of The Crystal Skull by Manda Scott through‘s Early Reviewers program. Niiiice. Well, it came out on the 15th, I believe, so even though it’s technically an advanced copy I won’t be able to lay my hands on it until around the end of next week, heh. Anyway, it’s still cool, and you can expect to see a review of it later on (aka whenever I get around to it, since I have two other books I have to read and review first, haha). Now, I have no idea if it has anything to do with the new Indiana Jones movie, as several people already asked me, but here’s the book’s synopsis:

In a spellbinding blend of history, myth, and science, bestselling novelist Manda Scott unleashes a thriller that sweeps from the secrets of the Mayans to the court of a sixteenth-century queen to a shattering end-times prophecy.

It’s a lump of rock, Stella; nothing more. No stone is worth dying for.”

Except it’s not just a lump of rock. It’s a blue crystal skull made by the Maya to save the world from ruin; a sapphire so perfect, so powerful that for centuries men have killed to own or destroy it.

Ancient prophecies say that if the thirteen skulls already in existence are not reunited, the world will end on December 21, 2012. Cedric Owen, the skull’s last Keeper, died so that it might keep its secret for the next four centuries. Now Stella Cody has found it, and someone has already tried to kill her. Like Owen, she’s being hunted—but by whom?

Desperate to unravel the mystery of the crystal skull, Stella must decode Cedric Owen’s coded writings, sketches and ciphers no scholar has been able to unravel. What she discovers is astounding: a shocking secret prophecy…and the staggering puzzle of four terrifying creatures, thirteen precious stones, and what will happen if Cedric Owen’s crystal skull falls into the wrong hands. But time is against Stella. She has only days—hours—left to uncover the only secret that may yet save the world.

The date is set. Time is running out.
The end of the world starts now.

Who knows, maybe the content is similar, but there’s no indication that it has anything to do with Indie. I’m not familiar with any of Manda Scott’s work—I just sort of request any books that sound vaguely interesting and this time I finally got picked. And if I post a review on the LibraryThing site, I can increase my chances of being chosen again, so hell yeah, I’m reviewing it. I would have anyway. =p

Okay dokie, that’s all I have for right now. I need sleep.

Heavy boots of lead/fills his victims full of dread/Running as fast as they can/Iron Man lives again!

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2 Responses to “Blogging police/(don’t) arrest this girl”

  1. 1 AlmostPerfectZen

    I was bored and couldn’t sleep so I watched the entire “The Guild” series. Totally hysterical and completely worth the lack of sleep.

    Hopefully you keep posting their updates cause I’m more likely to check your blog then I am to check YouTube.

  2. Lol! That’s okay, I was up to 2:00 working on my Pwned page even though I had hoped to go to bed earlier. 😐

    “The Guild” rocks! And yeah, I definitely plan to keep posting their new videos.

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