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Batman-On-Film put up an interview today with Executive and Senior Vice President Gregory Novek about Batman: Gotham Knight, which comes out on dvd and blu-ray July 8. I’m so psyched for it! There are some gorgeous pictures throughout the interview, too. This is going to be a new and different look to Gotham. I’m excited. […]

So I’m taking a break from GEN to make a jam-packed Batman news post for my own blog. Because it needs love, too. 😀 The new issue of DETAILS magazine comes out June 3, and it features a really cool article with Christian Bale. Sexy as always, he’s on the front cover. Just look at […]

I love Star Wars (yeah, geek here, if you haven’t noticed), especially the original trilogy, so when I saw this I just cracked up. Stormtroopers have always been a favorite object of fan-based mockery for some reason. This Youtube series is hilarious if you’re up-to-speed on Lost. Here’s the latest vid. | |

How cool would that be? 😀 ;;smacks forehead;; That makes perfect sense! Sauron’s a Decepticon! … Gabe fucking rocks. I ❤ that book. Whatever they do, they better not screw it up. According to a friend, they’re splitting the book into two movies, to which I responded, “Uh, but The Hobbit really isn’t a long […]

Go Indy (and Indy imposters)! Swing, damnit! | |