It’s heeeere!


All right, I had to take the risk of sounding like I’m a character in a horror movie whose only real purpose is to deliver a line resembling the title of this post, because the brand spanking new trailer for The Dark Knight is online, baby! I’ve been incredibly psyched and counting down the hours and minutes to its official release. Plus, the Jokerized version!

Click the image below to go straight to the kick ass trailer.

I think I’m going to have a happy panic attack.

My orgasmic reaction and lots of pictures … (SPOILERS! Only read on after you’ve watched the new trailer!)

I LOVE it. I stayed up late waiting for the site to update so I could watch it (it was running by Pacific time, so I was up until three in the morning here, which is when it officially turned Sunday on the west coast, grr).

They seemed to have filled in the gaps of the first main trailer, which is nice. There’s even some more Gordon stuff in there (speaking of which, it looks from the trailer like something might happen to Gordon’s family, poor Jim).

And okay, maybe Maggie Gyllenhaal won’t do such a bad job, after all (I had doubts because of the amateur-looking acting in this Harvey Dent support video). There were some moments where she seemed to remind me why I like her as an actress again. By the way, I love the Joker’s “you look nervous” line. Classy.

And Heath Ledger looks like he’s going to freaking kick ass as the Joker. Plus, he’s playing the insane card (pun very much intended) well, and that’s how it’s supposed to be. I mean, you could discern his insanity from the old trailer, but the “here’s my card” part? Hah!

Looks like the Joker’s also got a taste for arson in the movie, as well. Is he burning perfectly good (well, I’m sure it’s dirty blood money, so nevermind) money?

But what the hell was Batman doing, jumping off of a skyscraper without his cape? Testing something new, I guess.

And Harvey Dent (Aaron Eckhart) looks like he’ll be fun to watch. He’s got that evil side to him hidden away, but it still comes through even though he’s not Two-Face yet. He’s not supposed to become Two-Face until the very end, to set up the next movie, so maybe we’ll get to see parts of his breakdown throughout the film.

Holy crap, do you see that? Look carefully at the outline of Harvey’s face. It’s Two-Face! I almost missed that. The left side of his jacket looks weird, too.

I read that Christopher Nolan shot every seen with Eckhart twice (and I might have mentioned this before, I can’t remember)—one with the darker flair and the other as good Harvey, ally of Batman and good friend of Bruce Wayne—so he could pick which side of Harvey he wanted to shine through more in every individual scene. And you can tell even from the trailer, so go Nolan! It kind of seems, though, that Bruce is annoyed with Harvey in the trailer, which is probably because of the love triangle between him, Rachel, and Harvey.

Nolan also wanted to shoot through rough weather (rain, wind, etc.) to make it seem more natural, so kudos to him there, too.

I loved the scene in the trailer with Harvey on the floor, the acid spilling to the left side of his face. There it is, folks! And yeah, haha, that is so Luke Skywalker-esque. I just read an interview with Eckhart about Harvey, and he said that some people have drawn what they think Nolan is making Harvey look like as Two-Face. According to Eckhart, however, they’re “thinking small.” Should be good!

The Batpod looks wicked cool.

“The (K)night is darkest just before the dawn.” Awesome quote by Dent. (Did you see the Starbucks on the street again after Harvey said that, by the way? When the Joker’s walking down the street saying, “And here we … go”?) The quote about heroes and villains rocks, too.

I really want to know what’s going on with the smashing of the bat signal. There’s a new pic online of Harvey standing before the bat signal, calling Batman.

You can gather from the first trailer, especially, that part of the plot is going to include something about how the city only accepted Batman in the first movie because they needed saving, but now they just think he’s a freak and they don’t want him anymore. And maybe that’s why they smash the floodlight? A warrant for Batman’s arrest? Or does something happen that turns Gotham against Batman? Oohh, can’t wait to find out!

What did you think of the new trailer? Better than the first one? I definitely think so.

And now the special Jokerized version of the trailer!

Haha, I love the sunglasses on Alfred, that cracked me up! And was that a lightsaber? 😛

SPECIAL EDIT: How did I miss this?! Thanks so much, John, for showing this to me!

W-who’s that in the car Batman jumps on top of?

It’s frickin’ SCARECROW! Hell yeah! Dr. Crane, if you weren’t so psychopathic, I’d marry you. Okay, let’s not go that far. But Cillian Murphy … you’re my hero. Every scene with you in Batman Begins was brilliant, and I can’t wait to see you in The Dark Knight, even if it’s just for one scene (though I hope to God it’s more than that).

Uhm, whoops?

I just knew Gotham City was secretly Chicago!

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4 Responses to “It’s heeeere!”

  1. 1 JC

    Wow, good eye on the Scarecrow & Chicago thing!

    But why would he even be in this flick? Very curious.

    This was an awesome rundown of everything TDK btw, much better than I have up, kudos! Now the part about Nolan filming Dent twice for every scene – THAT is extremely interesting, where did you hear that?

  2. I’m not exactly sure about Scarecrow, but hey, I’m not complaining. 😀

    Heh, I wonder if they’ll edit out the Chicago or if I’ll have a heads up on a goof. (and thanks!). Let me see if I can did it up for you.


  3. 3 comicnerd

    Thank you for the link, cool site, never seen it before cuz I’m a lame-o.

  4. Haha, don’t worry about it. I hadn’t either until a while ago. I’ve really been digging out TDK news these last several+ months, so I discovered it then. 🙂

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