The posts? You can’t handle the posts!


Seven posts in seven days! Now that it’s summer, I have more time on my hands to make three plus posts a week. Here’s what I think is my best post so far on GEN and the first of the week. I finally did a cosplay post in which, to spice things up, I interviewed a guy named Damian Beurer who’s in a Superman competition in Illinois as a favor to Heather (aka BlkCat) at GEN. It was a lot of fun!

Hey, Saturday (May 3) was Free Comic Book Day, whooo!

Holy crud, six TDK posters! Man, John, Christmas is pounding us in the face. 😀

There’s another RandomGuy video up, and it’s hilarious and crazy relevant to all the Dark Knight stuff I’ve been posting.

Damn, can somebody give me sixty bucks to fork over for a year of Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited? … Anybody? I guess I’ll stick to the free comics for now.

I can’t wait to see Iron Man! There’s supposed to be a bonus scene after the credits roll, so don’t forget to stay afterwards. God, I hope I remember.

Of course I had to post this on GEN, also. How could I not?

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