“Here’s my card …”


The official Dark Knight movie page has been updated, and it’s revamped and awesome! You can once again watch all the trailers. I noticed this earlier today, actually, but for some reason it didn’t click in my head that it was new. So I didn’t realize it until Batman-On-Film posted it on their site.

(By the way, this image kind of makes a cool background. Click here to see my current fandom, the image I used, and where I found it if you want to see more pics like it from the new trailer. It’s perfect for some widescreen monitors, apparently, but not mine, which is why I centered it on my settings and luckily it still looks nice. Plus, what that image from the Dark Knight site looks like as a wallpaper; click the image above for the centered wallpaper version I used.)

Eh, don’t ask me what I was thinking. I was probably half asleep or something.

Speaking of which, I had a really cruddy morning. And I mean immediately after I woke up. For some reason I got a charlie horse in my calf, which still feels tight even now and sort of hurts, and those are always delightful. And then, I don’t know whether it was because it’s always super warm in my room during the summer (it’s not hot enough to turn the air conditioner on yet)—not to mention my room is the coldest room in the house in winter, lucky me—and I was under the covers while I was sleeping and I might have been dehydrated, or because I was hungry and maybe my blood sugar got too low, or a combination of those things, or what—but I was very light-headed, I couldn’t really see, I was extremely hot, and my ears were ringing. Like, have you ever had your blood taken and your blood sugar wasn’t high enough to begin with, so you get all dizzy? It was like that, just double the fun. Ugh.

Anyway, I’m okay now, but it wasn’t a very pleasant five-minute experience. I think I’m going to bed with the fan on tonight.

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