Merchant of Awesome


Oh. My. GOD. This movie rocked my socks, I don’t even know how else to put it.

Iron Man came out in theaters last Friday, and due to some unforeseen circumstances I wasn’t able to go watch it until today. Even so, this movie was well worth the wait. Directed by Jon Favreau, there was virtually nothing about this film that wasn’t enjoyable and satiating. It was brilliant. Not brilliant in a philosophical or intellectual way like some movies such as 3:10 to Yuma or No Country for Old Men—but just brilliant in every other great way possible.

The pace of the film is good. It starts out nicely, backtracks to thirty-six hours before Tony is abducted for awhile, and then returns to the present storyline. But this flashback wasn’t overdone, and it didn’t hinder the movie. Instead, we got a decent glimpse into Tony Stark before he grows a conscience: an arrogant, selfish playboy who just happens to be a genius. After our hero returns from Afghanistan, you can really discern the powerful impact his experience in captivity had on him—which is, of course, for the better.

“Quick, take a picture! And fast, my battery’s low … No, seriously.”

Two hours seemed like the perfect length. Everything was satisfying without being drawn out or cut too short, and along with the kick ass music, the movie was a well-balanced combination of plot and special effects. Plus, there were a lot of fan tidbits scattered in the mesh, and you could even hear some of Black Sabbath’s “Iron Man” playing at the end, which was an appreciated bonus for me. Not to mention Stan Lee made his usual Marvel movie appearance, this time as Hugh Hefner (although in the credits he was simply mentioned as himself for some reason)—and it was hilarious to see women practically throwing themselves on him!

Robert Downey Jr. was awesome as the snarky and sarcastic billionaire Tony Stark. Terrance Howard played “Rhodey” and Jeff Bridges was Obadiah Stane (aka Iron Monger). Gwyneth Paltrow was cute as Stark’s assistant, Pepper Potts, and her obliviousness gave way to some fun comic relief, although the movie is hilarious enough by itself mainly thanks to Downey.

“Yes, behold my sexiness! You can’t buy this, baby.”

Favreau and the writers did a good job at making this film into a modern, realistic adaptation of the comic books. The only part that seemed to stick out was in the beginning, when Tony was building the first Iron Man suit. It’s kind of hard to swallow that his terrorist captors, who were watching his progress on their monitors, didn’t get that he wasn’t building them the Jericho weapon. Still, the writers excused their idiocy pretty well, I guess.

The scenes where Tony was flying around as Iron Man were freaking sweet. You actually felt like you were Tony, testing out the suit by trial-and-error and flying successfully for the first time. It was very exciting and it came out really well.

“Chill out, Rhodey, it’s just gambling. Next up’s alcohol.”

I remembered to stay until the credits were over—and just in time, too, as it hit me while the movie was wrapping up! Even though people have been talking about it since last weekend and you can find this just about anywhere on the net, I’m going to white out the details of the extra scene below. Highlight the text with your mouse to read it.

Holy crap! Samuel L. Jackson is Nick Fury (finally, Nick Fury)! The actor made a special appearance at the end of the movie as Fury—the director of S.H.I.E.L.D. (ha, did you catch that earlier?)—approaching Tony about the Avengers Initiative.

If the next Iron Man movie is anything like this one, it should be amazing if not more so. Plus, I’ve heard rumors about it dealing with Tony’s alcoholism, which should be interesting. But starting the first movie out on a more light-hearted note (okay, the weapons and murder thing was depressing, but anyway) was a good move.

“Iron? Please. Don’t make me laugh.”

All in all, Iron Man is just fun. Nothing about it is tiresome, and every scene was cool to watch. Is it good enough to see a second time? YES. And a third, and a fourth … oh, hell, you might as well buy the dvd when it comes out, too!

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2 Responses to “Merchant of Awesome”

  1. 1 comicnerd

    I agree whole heartedly with you, and unfortunately I didn’t do a review of the movie, but I would have tried my hardest to mention everything you did… well, except for the “sexy” part in reference to Downy lol

    One thing; I’m not sure if you caught it or not – was the constant reference to SHIELD throughout the movie. Those weird guys in suits who kept saying they were from the “Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement, and Logistics Division”, and Pepper Pots says to the agent something like “you guys need to shorten that” and he’s like “we’re working on it”.

    I thought it was hilarious and was like the only person in the entire theater who did a nerd chortle.

  2. Hehe, well, you’re a guy, that’s understandable (about the Downey thing). 🙂

    Yeah, I did catch that: Lol, you had to highlight over the big white space near the end of my post with your mouse. 😛

    “Just call us S.H.I.E.L.D.”

    Also, check this out. I didn’t even notice it, though!

    Omg, me too! Yay nerddom! XD

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