Well, better add “seizure” to the list


Wow, I haven’t reviewed any tv episodes in a looong time, but I figured with season finales coming up, I better at least write something about the final episodes of the season. Let’s start with House (WARNING: SPOILERS).

Monday’s episode (ach, I always forget it’s not on Tuesdays anymore), “House’s Head,” was the beginning of a two-part storyline arch that is frankly very intriguing. In short, House was in a severe bus accident and experienced a concussion; he believes the person who caused the accident is dying and that the answers lie within his bleeding brain. Throughout the episode he experiences retrograde amnesia (he can’t recall things leading up to the event), and although his condition is worsening (hallucinations, headaches, bleeding from the ears, etc.), he refuses to rest until he figures out why this case is so important to him.

The episode is slow-paced, serious/dramatic, and boring at times, but things really heat up near the end after House realizes he spent his time saving the wrong person. House takes memory recall to the next level (he previously tried hypnosis, smell, and other methods) by recreating the bus scene using hospital staff—including Cuddy, Wilson, Cameron, Chase, and his current team. Overdosing himself on Alzheimer’s medication in order to send his memory into overdrive, House finally remembers the person who really needs his help: Cut-throat Bitch and Wilson’s girlfriend, Amber.

The thing is, no one really cares if Amber dies, we just care about Wilson. In the previews for next week’s finale episode, House continues to suffer the effects of his concussion and Wilson begs him to risk himself to save Amber. The question of why Amber was on the bus with House that night is also raised.

Next up, Smallville.

Last week’s episode was actually pretty interesting, although Clark is still annoying me with his whining. Tomorrow is the season seven finale and also Michael Rosenbaum’s last episode (the jerk), poo. But fiiiinally, Lex finds out about Clark! Anyway, let’s hope that Lana stays in a coma, she’s annoying and Clana needs to end already. We want Clois!

On another note, if you haven’t heard, Smallville creators Alfred Gough and Miles Millar are leaving. The network reports they’re passing the torch on to “… executive producers Darren Swimmer, Todd Slavkin, Kelly Souders and Brian Peterson [who] will helm the show next season. They have been writing for the show for the past six seasons, and as producers for the last four years, they have played an integral role in the ongoing creative evolution of the series.”

Brooding Black and Pulsating Purple are SO his colors.

And as Rosenbaum exits stage left, two new villains will surface in season eight:

Additionally, two new villains will join the cast of characters on “Smallville” this season: the legendary, unstoppable Doomsday, and a female antagonist who will challenge Clark in ways never before imagined. Casting is underway for both roles.

Doomsday: In season eight, Clark will face his ultimate challenge with the appearance of the legendary, unstoppable destroyer Doomsday, who appears on “Smallville” for the first time. As comic book fans know, Doomsday is notorious for being the only character in the DC Comics universe to have killed Superman.

Female villain: Doomsday won’t be Clark’s only nemesis in the upcoming season. The executive producers are tight-lipped about a new female villain they will be introducing, but they can say she will be familiar to many fans and will set her sights on Clark in ways Lex never could. Intelligent, brilliantly manipulative, and dangerously sinister, our gorgeous new villain has one more weapon in her arsenal: Her mutual attraction with Clark may prove to be as deadly as kryptonite for him.

Here’s the extended preview for tomorrow’s episode.

Okay, I have just one thing to say about last week’s Lost … Why do I watch this shit?!

We have to move the island? Are you freaking kidding me?!

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4 Responses to “Well, better add “seizure” to the list”

  1. 1 comicnerd

    I lost interest in Smallville after season 4 – that show just went kaput for me.

    Now House – House is the shizznit! I absolutely love this show and this ranks up there with LOST and Battlestar! Lately it’s been the best ever – but that’s only cause 13 is still on the show – Snrk!

  2. Did you catch what Cuddy called Thirteen in “House’s Head”? 🙂

    Dr. Hadley (if I’m remembering correctly).

  3. 3 comicnerd

    Good memory!

    Good ‘ole wastatimeia.. I mean: Wikipedia lists her character’s name as Dr. Remy Hadley

  4. Hehe, Remy? I always thought that was just a guy’s name … You know, like Remy LeBeau. X)

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