Weekly dose of GEN


Just what the doctor ordered. Here are my GEN posts for the week …

I can’t wait to read Batman #676 (“Batman R.I.P.”) … and the new Batmobile is pretty snazzy:

Top Cow put up a free, downloadable Witchblade comic that isn’t bad:

I saw an article online called “5 Ways Iron Man Was Better Than Batman Begins,” so of course I had to read it and form my own opinion. So here we go. This is a longer post with lots of pics!:

Another hilarious RandomGuy video is up:

Hmm, Marvel’s doing a lot of Captain America homages in their new movies, don’t you think? Anyway, hurray for Hulk pics!:

Wait, two Spider-Man movies could be in the works?:

Heh, this was fun to do:

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4 Responses to “Weekly dose of GEN”

  1. 1 comicnerd

    I wish i didn’t have to register over there to comment. I’ll get to it sooner or later – for now though your 11 panels were fun!

    Always good to see classic double entendres lol

  2. Ohh, didn’t even know that! That sucks. Hm.

    Glad you liked it, thanks! 😀

  3. 3 Aktrez

    Well, we only make people register so that the spammers stay away. It’s SUPER easy and I promise I won’t spam you! 🙂

  4. Yeah, ComicNerd. It probably only takes a minute, so you have no excuse. 😉 Haha, just teasing!

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