Concussion? Check. Heart attack? Not the first time. Seizure? Yup.


The season finale of House, “Wilson’s Heart, was amazing. Season two’s finale was very exciting, but this one was in a different way. There wasn’t a huge, dramatic cliffhanger. Brian Singer and the writers did a really good job with this one. The music was great, as usual, too.

No one cares about Amber—and maybe I’m a Cut-Throat Bitch myself for saying that, but it’s pretty much true. Like Foreman said, “We care now,” but only because of Wilson. Wilson’s just awesome, so we don’t want him to suffer. If Amber didn’t mean so much to him, this plotline would probably have failed.

(WARNING: SOME SPOILERS) So here’s what we’re left wondering … Will House’s concussion/heart attack/seizure have any serious damaging effect on him in the next season? Will Wilson hate House for indirectly causing Amber’s death due to his own selfish, self-destructive ways? (You know, they really should put a warning label on flu pill bottles … “Don’t take if you’re going to be in a bus crash. Seriously.) Plus … Will House change now that he realizes he might lose his best friend forever? And what’s in store for Thirteen now that it has been confirmed she has Huntington’s?

Smallville‘s last two episodes were damn good, actually, even though I’ve had a problem with the show ever since the writers’ strike. Was it just me, or half the time did you have no fucking idea what was going on with Chloe and Jimmy? And what the hell, when did Lionel die? Okay, maybe I just forgot—but how do you freaking forget that? Woah, and did Lex kill him? I’m so confused …

Anyway, if the finale was Rosenbaum’s last episode … what the hell is going to happen on the premiere of season eight? Suddenly Lex is not there anymore and everything’s fine and dandy? Talk about a deus ex machina … Jeez.

You know, as fucked up as Lex is anymore, he kind of has a point. With how many times Clark has lied to him (and everybody else), he can’t talk about being moral and shit. That’s what I don’t like about Superman. He’s just annoying. Lex took the news surprisingly well, too, which makes me wonder if Clark could have just told him and prevented the whole Lex-becomes-an-evil-villain thing—or maybe it’s just me, and Rosenbaum’s acting has actually sort of gone downhill. Or maybe Lex simply isn’t as interesting now that he’s solely evil and not conflicted (hello, Michael does a great job at making his character nuts). What can I say? Women love a guy who’s damaged. Not to mention Rosenbaum looks really hot bald.

At any rate, Rosenbaum still rocks for a tv actor (he’s certainly much better than Welling or Kreuk—although they’ve both gotten better, I guess, over the years), even though he’s a total jerk for just leaving like this. But I already had this rant way back in December.

So the ultimate question is … Will BRAINIAC actually stay dead? Oh, come on, you know you thought about that when Clark “killed” him. I mean, how many times has Pirate Guy (aka Mikhail) died on Lost and yet he keeps coming back—which he has yet to do, but it won’t be surprising if we see him again. He was pretty damn cool, what with the eye patch and all.

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3 Responses to “Concussion? Check. Heart attack? Not the first time. Seizure? Yup.”

  1. 1 comicnerd

    House was SO awesome, they are not skipping a beat on that show, even after the strike and I love it.

    I really am curious about what changes we’re going to see in House next season – if the writers will mark this as a character growth thing (which might affect the premise) or if everyone will just continue like it’s no biggie…

  2. I was really impressed with the show, too, that the strike had no real effect on the writing. It seems to have had a big impact on a lot of other shows, which is disappointing.

    I hope they do something with it—just that they don’t dig themselves in a hole going overboard and need a deus ex machina to dig themselves out again (coughTrittercough). 🙄

  3. 3 comicnerd

    Hey – I’m ok with a dues ex machina as long as 13 sticks around :p

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