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The official The Dark Knight website has been updated, and it’s very cool. Here’s a quick rundown with some screenshots.

You can skip the intro (which is just the third trailer) once the page loads, and click the “Menu” button near the bottom for the main options.

The synopsis, obviously, gives you a brief summary of the film, but it’s a good example of why the hell this movie is going to rock. It tells you about some of the noteworthy people involved—including the actors and director, of course. Moving on.

“Video” lets you watch any of the three trailers (even though the first one’s lame and only has voice-overs, heh). Batman’s looking pretty damn cool on the left.

Now, I’m guessing these next two pages are going to be updated the closer we come to the release date of the film, but who knows. The photo gallery (above) is pretty unimpressive so far considering how many pictures I’ve seen. Okay, they obviously won’t include leaked photos, but still.

The coolest part of the site, however, is definitely the “Downloads” section. There’s several subsections: screensavers, wallpapers, buddy icons, and posters. There’s only one screensaver, but those are kind of dumb anyway, so who really cares. The buddy icons are kind of disappointing, especially since the tiny photos on the image below would have awesome to have. The posters are nice to have in one collection if you missed them, and even though not every poster is shown, the major ones are.

The five wallpapers fucking kick ass, and they come in four different sizes. They’re pretty much some of the new and kick ass posters, like the flaming bat and Batpod one. Yeah, they rock. The Batpod one is on my desktop now, and it’s awesome.

Eckhart is going to be awesome, let’s face it. He’s looking snazzy in that suit.

Yay Gary Oldman! did a short interview with the actor. But you’ve been warned, he let some details about his part in the film slip. And this photo’s pretty neat. I found it while searching for Gary Oldman pics. πŸ˜€

All right, switching the topic for a minute. This is kind of old news, sorry, but I wanted to post this and just never got around to it, so I’m cramming it in now.

According to, a young Scott Summers (aka Cyclops) is making a cameo in the Wolverine movie, which comes out next year. Yeah, what the fuck, Marvel? What does Summers have to do with Logan’s origin story? UGH. And if Wolverine meets Scott for some reason in the film, you better keep continuity in mind, morons. Anyway, Australian actor Tim Pocock landed the role (Superhero Hype! confirmed it). He actually does look like a younger Summers, though, I’ll give him that.

Speaking of random mutants, according to the Latino Review claims to have seen a production drawing of a younger Hank McCoy (Beast) for the Magneto movie. What the hell are you doing, Marvel? Stop doing useless cameos! And does anyone else think that Marvel might be getting way ahead of themselves? I mean, they already announced release dates for four future movies—not to mention Magneto—for crap’s sake. And they’re already talking sequels to films that either just came out or haven’t even been released in theaters yet! Jesus!

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2 Responses to “Fancy schmancy”

  1. I cant wait to see the joker once again. My favourite superhero actually.

  2. The Joker is indeed awesome … lol, but as a super villain, not a hero. πŸ˜›

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