Batman fighting Decepticons?


How cool would that be? 😀

;;smacks forehead;; That makes perfect sense! Sauron’s a Decepticon!

… Gabe fucking rocks.

I ❤ that book. Whatever they do, they better not screw it up. According to a friend, they’re splitting the book into two movies, to which I responded, “Uh, but The Hobbit really isn’t a long book. Especially compared to The Lord of the Rings trilogy. Why would they even need to make it into two films?”

I was thinking about the current Batman comic storyline, “Batman RIP,” the other day. If you’re not aware of it, the writer, Grant Morrison, could possibly kill Bruce Wayne aka Batman. I can’t see anyone else but Brucey as my beloved Batman. Sure, there’s that cartoon Batman Beyond (which is pretty cool, but Batman: The Animated Series was soo much better), where Bruce is too old to stand up and Terry McGinnis becomes the new Dark Knight—but there is really only one Batman. And that’s the way it should be. Batman is a legend, a symbol; he isn’t like other superheroes, that’s for sure. It only makes sense that there’s one of him. I mean, there’s, like, ten Green Lanterns or something, for Christ’s sake. And there have been six Nightwings. Seriously, Batman’s not replaceable. Anyway, I made this.

That panel is from The Dark Knight Returns by Frank Miller, and it’s actually Superman she’s talking to (long story short, Batman faked his death). Of course, Clark’s damn little hair curl thing had to just be blowing in the wind, so now Grant looks like he has a ponytail or mullet or something. 😛

At any rate, let’s hope Bruce’s death doesn’t become a reality, because I’ll be really pissed. I mean, look how outraged people were when they killed Captain America! But even so, it’s just not cool to kill Batman. No freaking way.

Yeah, “the legend has to live on, which means finding a new Batman,” blah, blah … which I guess is true. As long as you give the real Batman the respect and memory he deserves (which means not friggin’ killing him), then I guess it’s a good thing (especially for Gotham) to carry on the legacy—and doing so might even be the greatest tribute to all he’s done, as well. But it has to be done right.

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