It’s the goddamn Batman!


So I’m taking a break from GEN to make a jam-packed Batman news post for my own blog. Because it needs love, too. πŸ˜€

The new issue of DETAILS magazine comes out June 3, and it features a really cool article with Christian Bale. Sexy as always, he’s on the front cover. Just look at those eyes and that smile … So nice. The article is a pretty cool read; you can check out the full interview here. Still, I might buy the magazine just because there’s bound to be some lovely Bale pictures in there.

Bale doesn’t care how tired you are. He’s the goddamn Batman!

Here are some of my favorite parts from the interview. Of course, Christian talks about Heath Ledger.

Michael Caine has talked about the intensity of Heath Ledger’s portrayal of the Joker in The Dark Knight. How did you find working with him?

He was incredibly intense in his performance but incredibly mellow and laid-back. Certainly there was this great anarchistic streak to it-just getting dirtier than anybody’s envisioned the Joker before. This character has power because he has no limits-absolutely nothing to lose.How has Ledger’s death changed the way you look at the film?

How has Ledger’s death changed the way you look at the film?

Naturally it was something I wanted to share with him-and expected to do so. And I can’t do anything else but hope that it will be an absolutely appropriate celebration of his work.

Bale shares sound funny stories about acting and “fame,” too.

Has starring in a blockbuster had any noticeable impact on your personal life?

I was at the Science Museum in London with my daughter and some of her friends, and they wanted hot dogs. And so I went up to a hot-dog stand and I said, “Can I have three hot dogs?” They said, “I’m sorry, we’re closed.” And so I started walking away. And then one of them said, “Excuse me, are you Batman?” And I said, “Well, I play Batman.” And they said, “Well, here’s three hot dogs-on the house.” That’s pretty remarkable, isn’t it?

When was the last time you were mistaken for someone else?

Yesterday afternoon I was sitting somewhere and somebody started chatting. They said they were an agent, and they asked what I do, and I said, “I’m an actor.” And they said, “Oh, how’s that going for you?” I said, “I think it’s all right.” And they said, do I have an agent?
“Yes, I have an agent.”
“Well, if you ever need any help getting work, give me a call.”
So I said, “Thanks very much.” I think the best one ever was when a casting director saw me in a hotel lobby and practically ran at me, holding a script: “Thank god I’ve finally found you! We have this movie that you’re perfect for, and this is an amazing coincidence. The director and producer are not going to believe it, that I just bumped into you! We’ve been talking about how perfect you are for this role for so long! Finally, I met Christian Slater.”
“Christian Bale.”
“Excuse me?”
“I said, ‘Christian Bale.'”
And she went, “Oh, I’m sorry,” took the script, and walked away.

Bale also brings up the fact that a lot of people still don’t know who he is—which is surprisingly and aggravatingly true. Right, Tim?

How good do you think you are at being famous?

I don’t really understand the question. Because there are people that you would undeniably call famous, and I’m not. You can go to many, many people and say “Christian Bale” and they have no idea who the hell you’re talking about. They might have seen a number of my movies, but they’ll still have no idea who you’re talking about. So I don’t think I’m qualified to talk about fame.

EMPIRE‘s new issue is also Dark Knight-themed. There are two covers—one with the Batman and one with the Joker. And the cool thing is, the Joker one is tainted. You can take a sneak peak inside both magazines on the magazine’s website. Like, on a page in the Joker mag, he even mocked up Clint Eastwood. Badass!

I might pick up a copy, too. Now … which one to choose? Personally, I think the Joker one would be more fun to browse through, albeit it would be harder to actually read the articles, but who the hell cares? πŸ˜›

Starlog‘s upcoming magazine also has a Batman cover. And has some awesome TDK banners! Check them out below.

On another note, have you seen the LEGO Batman game that’s coming out in the fall? Oh my god, it looks ridiculously fun. And the good thing is, it’s going to be for a variety of consoles—including the Playstation 2, which means I can get it. πŸ˜€ Here are some videos.

Remember that nerdy kid, Brian, from The Breakfast Club, played by Anthony Michael Hall? Well, he plays a tv news reporter named Mike Engel in The Dark Knight, and in a quick interview on he’s calling it the biggest movie of his career. You can read the excerpts with him on Batman-On-Film or see the original article, linked above. All grown up, he’s actually pretty cute.

Speaking of BOF, the site is reporting that this Myspace page might be part of the movie’s viral marketing. Man, I just need to make a Myspace account and get it over with (I know John already wants me to, but social networking sites are a pain in the ass, haha).

Here’s another magazine cover with Batman on it. It’s, uhm, in a different language, though—Italian, perhaps? I have no idea.

There’s also a Got Milk? campaign going on with The Dark Knight. Yeah, you can’t say you didn’t see that coming. I mean, come on, look at Batman and those muscles. That’s one way to get kids to drink their milk. Seriously.

Anyway, there’s a cool downloads package on the site that has a few different sized Got Milk? wallpapers as well as some TDK images—including posters, which is nice if you’ve missed out (including the Hong Kong banner without the text). You can also enter a contest to be drawn into a Batman comic. Yeah, yeah, it’s a dorky-looking comic, but who cares? The winner will receive the original artwork framed and signed, as well as fifty copies—you know, for bragging rights. (Fifteen other winners will receive a Batman prize from Mattel.) Hey, it might be lame, but it would still be pretty cool to be in a Batman comic. πŸ˜›

When his enemies started laughing, Batman realized that milk mustaches aren’t very intimidating.

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3 Responses to “It’s the goddamn Batman!”

  1. OMG This is the most I’ve ever read about something Batman, ever. When this movie comes out what on Earth are you gonna talk about? XD

    Oh and you forgot to mention that once people realize who Christian Bale is they go… Ew, He’s not hot. Though I have to say that cover photo is pretty snexy (Snazzy + Sexy) Hehe. Though based on that cover I’m pretty sure he’s banging my wife! xD

  2. Lol, yeah. You should see some of my older posts, god.

    My friend asked me the same question and I was like, “… Dunno. I guess I’ll be sad for awhile, but there is always other movie news. … Oh! I’ll focus on Wolverine movie news!” πŸ˜›

    LOL, snexy, I love it. That is also a cool word (along with sarcasmism). And yea, those are some weird article titles! Dunno exactly whether “peaked” (in that article’s context) is referring to an erection or whether you’re already fucking tired halfway through the work day—but if it’s the former … “Well I have now that I’ve seen the cover to this magazine!” XD

  3. 3 John

    You are so kicking my ass on the Batman coverage. Awesome job! I love it.

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