Batman can ride his Batpod with no handlebars …


Batman-On-Film put up an interview today with Executive and Senior Vice President Gregory Novek about Batman: Gotham Knight, which comes out on dvd and blu-ray July 8. I’m so psyched for it! There are some gorgeous pictures throughout the interview, too. This is going to be a new and different look to Gotham. I’m excited.

There are rumors that Heath Ledger’s family is going to travel from Australia to New York for the premiere of The Dark Knight and that a memoriam to the actor could appear at the end of the film. It wouldn’t be surprising, but it would definitely be cool to see.

Okay, holy crap! There’s a new intro to the Dark Knight film that’s apparently a mobile download by Verizon Wireless. It popped up on Youtube in really crappy quality, but it’s still worth checking out. WARNING: Even though it’s a trailer and technically not a spoiler, it could be considered one because it does give away some more plot information. So watch at your own risk.


Whoa, that’s awesome. I’ll keep my eye out for a higher-quality version. Although the intro (before the Warner Brothers and DC logo) is completely new and really interesting, it seems that up to around the 1:30 mark, scenes are mixed up and there’s even some different voice-over dialogue—stuff we’ve already seen and heard, of course, so it’s kind of like a remix or something. Pretty neat, though.

By the way, this is old news but has some short but cool fan-shot videos from TDK filming locations in Chicago. (As a film junkie, I love this kind of stuff.) I’ve put the better ones below. The locations should look familiar from the trailers. 😉

This first clip shows Batman on the Batpod being chased through a tunnel. Haha, I love the way his cape blows in the wind. Very cool.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

(And if you’re wondering what my inspiration for the subject line of this post is … listen to this.)

These next two videos show different shots of the same thing: “The building demolition/implosion/explosion happened at the old Brach’s Candy Factory on the west side of Chicago. The factory, empty for several years – was dressed to look like ‘Gotham General Hospital’ – complete with a large red cross and pharmacy sign. Demolition experts packed a four-story building with explosives and cleared the area.”

While the first video is more interesting because it’s a closer view (plus, there’s sound, lol), the second video is neat because you can definitely see the way the camera helicopter arks as the building explodes, making for one kick ass shot.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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2 Responses to “Batman can ride his Batpod with no handlebars …”

  1. 1 JC

    Awesome find on the cellphone video – though it did have a bit of a spoiler regarding the plot, or Joker’s plan, which was a bit of a bummer, no biggie though.

    I want to grab that joker Empire magazine! Would it be too nerdy to bag ‘n board it :p

  2. Aw, sorry. I probably should have marked it could be a possible spoiler … but it’s not a spoiler if it’s in the trailer! 😀 Still, I’ll edit it.

    Haha, I want that one, too. I loved the viral site The Ha Ha Ha Times, so a magazine chock full of Joker-tainted stuff would be hilarious.

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