Attack of the GEN!


Quick update! So I made a Myspace page. 😉 Feel free to add me!

I also finally have a profile page and a new headshot on the Girls Entertainment Network, yay! Click here to see. Very soon GEN will be undergoing a major revamping, so I don’t know if that link will still work then.

Anyway, here are my GEN posts for the week, as usual. 🙂

News on the Witchblade movie—based on the popular Top Cow comic—which is expected to be released next year.

Five Hulk movie clips, sweet.

Some more Spider-Man 4 movie buzz, including rumors about Toby Maguire’s possible replacements for the role of Peter Parker.

Friday I featured some Captain America-themed music by independent singer/songwriter Will Kouf. You can also download his new album—a tribute to Cap—completely free on his Myspace page. Check the post linked through the image below for info. (By the way, you might like this, John! He kind of reminded me of Glen Phillips, with that mellow vibe! 😉 ) Oohh, and lookie! New avvy for me, haha!

That’s it! More next week.

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2 Responses to “Attack of the GEN!”

  1. 1 John

    Thanks for the recommendation! I will totally check that out. And the new avatar is gorgeous.

  2. Hehe, yay for sharing music! You’re welcome.

    And thanks again! 🙂

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