Archive for June 6th, 2008

Legos are awesome. Who didn’t love legos as a kid (besides when you stepped on them with your foot)? There have been countless lego tributes to all sorts of things over the years. Like, check out LEGO Indiana Jones or LEGO Batman (I want both of these). Here is some Lego goodness from the blog […]

Ohh, thank you, /Film, for your wonderful updates. There are two new Dark Knight featurette-type videos on that include never-before-seen footage. If you’re not interested in a description or watching the vids, then don’t read on. Technically it’s not a spoiler if it’s in something official, but it’s up to your whether you want […]

Wizard put up some awesome new The Dark Knight photos today, but they must have taken the page down because the link won’t direct to the gallery. UGH! Lucky for you, I saved all the new ones. 😉 And these ones are Kick Ass. (So hopefully Warner Brothers won’t make me take them down.) But […]