Excuse me while this movie kicks your ass


Ohh, thank you, /Film, for your wonderful updates. There are two new Dark Knight featurette-type videos on Comcast.net that include never-before-seen footage. If you’re not interested in a description or watching the vids, then don’t read on. Technically it’s not a spoiler if it’s in something official, but it’s up to your whether you want to know.

The first vid is an Imax featurette that has scenes from the trailer mixed in with discussion by Christopher Nolan and Wally Pfister. They even show some filming being done. On top of that, there are some awesome scenes in the first Imax featurette, like a cool moment between Bruce and Alfred where Alfred says, “Know your limits, Master Wayne,” to which Bruce answers, “Batman has no limits.” Sooo true to the comics! It would be awesome if in TDK they did some classic Batman by showing him push himself too far. Besides … it’s the Joker we’re talking about here. Batman’s only true equal match among all the villains in his Gallery of Rogues. All that laughing is bound to drive anyone a little over the edge.

And then there’s some intense Joker scenes, including a closer look at the interrogation room one which promises to be chilling indeed.

Plus, there’s a couple shots of Harvey Dent (before he becomes Two-Face) flipping a coin. Creepy.

Then there’s another video that goes behind-the-scenes of making the Joker’s goons’ masks, which is actually pretty neat. It even shows time-elapsed footage of one being made.

While you browse the Comcast site, you’ll hear some cool voice-overs as you visit different sections, too.

Anyway, here are some screenshots from the first featurette. It looks like there are some more shots of Batman being chased and having to fight back against SWAT, but I couldn’t get a decent pic (him elbowing a SWAT guy, then jumping off a rooftop, it looks like, to avoid them).

A sneak peak at District Attorney Harvey Dent’s obsession with his infamous two-sided coin:

Oohh, shiny … our preciousss!

Yeah, check this out. Holy crap. That definitely looks painful, but it’s no match for Jack Bauer’s sixteen months or whatever of Chinese torture. Now those were some nasty scars. (But unfortunately I can’t find a pic. Oh well.)


Here’s a screen shot of the interrogation room scene. God, I can’t wait to see this! Two costumed freaks who just happen to become arch-enemies in one tiny room? Hell yeah!

“We really ought to put our differences aside and do lunch sometime. My butler makes great tea and these delicious little biscuit things that are just to DIE for.”

And I think I finally figured out what the blue blur at the end is, which can also be seen in certain tv spots. The background looks like Arkham Asylum (you can make out the barred cells), and the guy pictured looks like the Joker. Put two and two together, and this just might be security camera footage, and the Joker is knocking out the feed. Yeah, real impressive detective work, I know. Batman would be proud. 🙄

Smile for the camera!

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