“Yes, dear. Very schway.”


Wizard put up some awesome new The Dark Knight photos today, but they must have taken the page down because the link won’t direct to the gallery. UGH! Lucky for you, I saved all the new ones. 😉 And these ones are Kick Ass. (So hopefully Warner Brothers won’t make me take them down.)

But before we get to the pics, I wanted to mention that there’s another interview about Gotham Knight up on Batman-On-Film—this time with writer Josh Olson. There are some more neat pics from the straight-to-dvd movie throughout the article, too, that show Batman through various perspectives. Which is very cool considering so much of Batman’s high reputation as a frightening “Excuse me while I kick your ass now” type superhero comes from the way the fear and intimidation he creates (which spread and increase through rumors and gossip under the uncertain cloak of darkness and all that jazz) manipulate others and make him more deadly and threatening to them than just a mere man in a costume would be. But enough of Batman psychology and on to the pics!

Mmm, Bale.

Hey, where the crap is the Batcave, anyway? They are using it in this movie, right? Right?!

Oh my god, check out Harvey’s (Aaron Eckhart) tie in this next shot! Ohh, doesn’t THAT look familiar! Something for the fans, maybe? I mean, Harvey Dent/Two-Face always had such outrageous ties … But, hey. That’s okay, Dent-y boy. That’s why we love you. I guess.

Dent retaliates against the Joker by stealing his color scheme.

Harvey: “Just laugh at her joke, man. Just grin and bear it …”

Ohh, this is a very cool pic right here. Two great characters (and men—I mean actors—for that matter), side-by-side.

I love Gordon. He’s one of my favorite characters from the Batman world, no doubt. How could you not love Jim? And Gary Freaking Oldman plays him! You can’t get much better than that, my friends.

But there’s just something about Gordon/Oldman holding a copy of a Joker-tainted newspaper (The Ha Ha Ha Times, I presume?) that just cracks me up. Or maybe it’s the way the screen shot captured his facial expression so that it almost looks like he’s gagging (“Do you see the way he mocked up the Mayor’s face?!” ;;retch;; ). Still, it might be that Gordon seems to have, like, at least two different hairstyles going on from what we’ve seen through trailers and photos. I mean, seriously, it’s weird.

Ha Ha Ha! … Something’s funny.

Okay, I’m not sure if this is actually new or not, but director Christopher Nolan is looking pretty schway in this picture. Huh? What’s “schway,” you ask? Sorry, this is what you get for watching too much Batman Beyond. Nineties nostalgia, bitch! Well, late nineties nostalgia and early 2000s, but whatever. It’s still a good old-ish cartoon. 😛

And if “schway” is actually a slang term used somewhere, and not just the futuristic slang of teenage Gothamites, then please leave a comment correcting me. I mean, people don’t actually say “schway,” do they? In masses, that is.

And finally …

Some Joker goodness! Enough of the hot men, bring on the psycho killers! (And cue that Talking Heads song!)

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6 Responses to ““Yes, dear. Very schway.””

  1. …I say Schway…

  2. Yes, but I want to know if the masses (somewhere) actually use that as slang, or if it’s just people like us. 😛

    (Hehe, and typo forgiven.)

  3. 3 comicnerd

    That Joker pic is AWESOME – why do you have to do such a good job Stephanie? Now if I nab & post those pics and link to your site I’m just going to look like a chump because I don’t write and comment on each pipc. You friggin overachiever :p

    Maybe I need to just bribe you to come over to my site dammit. I have an autographed Ghost Rider comic… 🙂

  4. Lmao! Why thank you, comicnerd.

    And yes, unfortunately for everyone I am an overachiever.

    Well, I’ve never been much of a Ghost Rider fan, but I am otherwise easily bribed … 😉

  5. 5 comicnerd

    …Dinner & a movie then?

    We can simultaneously eat & see a flick in different time zones maybe. We could even coordinate our watches!

  6. That’s a rather interesting suggestion. 😛 Quite weird, but interesting nonetheless, haha!

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