It’s that time again!

Monday I came up with this, which is something I’ll be doing weekly on GEN from now on. Wow, what did I get myself into? (At least it’ll be nice for me, too, because it’ll force myself to stay on top of what comics are coming out each week, hehe.) This took ridiculously long to do, and it didn’t help that WordPress went screwy and I lost half of the links after I was almost ready to publish the damn thing. SIGH.

But anywho, that panel in the image … oh my god, it works perfectly. Yes, that’s an actual panel from a comic: Green Lantern #85, to be exact. Hehe, and now it’ll crack me up every time I see it. 😛 Is this hilarious, or what?

And speaking of Green Lantern #85, if anyone knows where I can find a torrent of it (or if anyone can send it to me), drop a comment and I will be very grateful. 😉

We’re going to be doing a Picture of the Day thing now on GEN. Becky found this pic and I kicked it off. (And yeah, that’s my really lame caption, haha!)

Ohh, another RandomGuy video! And as usual, it’s hilarious.

I got to do another early comic review this week. And hey, I actually plain liked this one! LOL! Which may be why Top Cow featured their review in my blog. Whatever. It may be censorship to not show my previous reviews, which weren’t as … praising (let’s put it that way) as this one, but it’s still awesome. 😉

I just bought this t-shirt, it’s so cute, haha! (Gah, come in the mail already, damnit!)

Last post of the week! A press release about the upcoming series by Randy Queen: Starfall.

(From now on I’m going to erase my little icon on the side of my posts when I put up my week-in-reviews on this blog. I get sick of looking at my face so much, LOL!)

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