“Look into my eyes … do you validate?”


Heey, comic lovers! We like free comics, right? Regardless of what they are. I mean, they’re free, so who cares? That’s why Free Comic Book Day is so great. 😛

What about signed free comics? Even freaking better. Then today is your lucky day, my friend, because the cool writers over at ComicNerd (see blogroll) are holding a contest for the month of June in which you can win a free Ghost Rider comic signed by Gary Friedrich, the co-creator of the series. Just register and start chugging out comments. The user with the most comments at the end of the month will get his choice of two authentic autographed comics (issue #15 or #50), and the runner-up will receive the remaining one. Awesome!

I’m such a sucker for free stuff, but I know there are big Ghost Rider fans out there, so I’m spreading the word. But I’m warning you now: I can be a viciously competitive commenter. 😉

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3 Responses to ““Look into my eyes … do you validate?””

  1. Wow! Thank you Stephanie!

    I was so worried I don’t have enough readers right now for a contest like this – so this helps.

    Thanks again

  2. No prob, man! Whatever I can do to help. Your site is awesome. Keep up the good work! 🙂

    I have like, a ridiculous overload of stuff to do for GEN this week, so it might not be right away, but I was hoping to make a similar post on GEN. The site gets a TON of traffic, so that will definitely help you out!

  3. Oh that would be SO awesome!!!! Please yes!!!

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