Behold the power of pizza


Whoa, looks like there is even more Dark Knight news out than I thought! Which is awesome, in case you were wondering. 😉

Holy font!

Starting off, The Gotham Times website has been updated! Yes, volume 3 is out, which only means the Joker can’t be far behind in retaliation with his version of the newspaper, The Ha Ha Ha Times.

The front page showcases Harvey Dent’s huge victory—he won over 70% of voters (more on his win in a minute). But the main article—with a headline in a font big enough for your near-blind grandmother to read—discusses the controversial Proposition D results. Proposition D was about whether police should make stopping vigilantes like Batman their lowest priority. 49% of the votes said no, which means nearly half of Gothamites are demanding a warrant for Bats’s arrest.

Of course, this plays right along with the movie. However, the GPD being after Batman for crimes against the city (and all that bullshit) isn’t something new; it should be interesting to see what they do with this in The Dark Knight.

Is it July yet?

Also in the issue you can read about Gotham’s pothole problems which rival the problems of corruption and crime (“Pothole Crisis Worsens,” page 2), how there are hamsters in the streets (Letters to the Editor, “No More Unwanted Pets,” page 2), that the hot dog vendors are going on strike (No more free hot dogs for Batman?! “Hot Dog Vendors Strike,” page 3), where all the cookies are going (to the Joker’s henchmen apparently, “Gotham Girl Guides Beat Cookie Records,” page 4), and how you can help save Gotham (another benefit of almighty pizza). All among other stories, of course.

One psychotic clown arrested for every pizza bought, guaranteed!

And speaking of the Gotham City Pizzeria, it’s powered by Dominos (eww). The viral site’s main page (click the image above) says there will be a special promotion on June 16 (Monday).

Going back to Dent’s win, his campaign website is updated, as are his opponents’: Dana Worthington and Roger Garcetti. Even though Proposition D was shot down, Dana did have something to say about the proposition before the polls closed and the results were in. Here’s an excerpt:

Then there is a camp of people who say the Batman is dangerous, that someone is going to get hurt. I can only judge with my own eyes, and from what I’ve seen, the Batman is a highly skilled individual who displays a great deal of competency in what he does. This line of argument also suggests that it’s better to let an innocent person be murdered than to risk getting a scratch should the Batman intervene.

Last time I posted the newish alternate trailer for The Dark Knight that premiered with Gotham Tonight with Mike Engel. Movieweb has a better version. It’s so much better than the Youtube one, and it now has the whole damn thing. 😀

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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