Harvey Dent to the rescue!



I thought they were going to show Gotham Tonight with Mike Engel on the Gotham Cable News website today. But according to this, they just meant Comcast OnDemand.

This is one of those times I really wish I had something more than local tv. (I also wish I lived in Chicago.) But why couldn’t they put it on the website, too? I was sure they were going to. Gah!

Good news, though, if you’re like me and missed it. GCN says it will webcast the episode this Monday at noon on their site.

Someone on Youtube had apparently uploaded the viral show, but it’s been taken down. An alternate Dark Knight trailer, though, aired and is still up on Youtube. It’s not very good quality and it cuts out before the very end (and it might just be me, but the sound seems off a bit), but it’s definitely worth watching. It includes some clips from the Imax featurette, but it also has lots of new stuff that’s really freaking cool.

… That needs to be in high-definition, now.

Hopefully they’ll show the semi-new trailer along with the webcast of Gotham Tonight on Monday? Fingers crossed.

Anyway, I know you were all on the edge of your seats wondering who would win the title of Gotham’s District Attorney. 🙄 But have no fear …

… the Dentinator is here! 😛 And I just received this email from Dent’s campaign entitled “Our Job Has Just Begun”:

If someone were to tell me four months ago that Harvey Dent was going to win by the biggest margin in Gotham City history, I would have directed him to Arkham Asylum. But that’s the big story today. Thanks to the incredible efforts of people like you, we have changed the fate of Gotham City.

Harvey Dent won every precinct, every neighborhood, every demographic, and every gender and age group. His sweeping victory shows just how far the desire for real change goes in Gotham City.

This is not just Harvey Dent’s victory, it’s your victory. You passed out flyers, rallied, marched, created political videos, and got out and voted. You made your voices heard. And today, the entire world can hear you. Today, “Take Back Gotham” is not just a slogan – it is a reality.

This is the last campaign email we’re sending out. Now, we turn our energies to the hard job of fighting and winning the war on crime and corruption. We’ll need your help – to keep the pressure up on the politicians, to show the criminals our will, and to support Harvey Dent’s crackdown on corruption.

Together, we will save Gotham City.

Allan Cypes
Media Manager

This is really cool. Batman-On-Film is such a great site, and they just announced another giveaway. Click here to see more details and find out how you can enter to win these fabulous (and otherwise uber expensive) prizes.

Must … have!

Two shirts, two winners. Entries must be in by the end of June and the winners will be notified by July 2.

Now, I’m relatively new to BOF, but I think the answers to the contest questions are as follows (and someone correct me if I’m wrong):

1. 1998
2. JettD60’s BATMAN 5 Page
3. Darren Arnofsky/Frank Miller
4. Batman Triumphant
5. The Case of the Chemical Syndicate

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