Will the real Kate Newman please stand up


Can I get that on a bumper sticker, please?

So something rather interesting happened to me this morning, when I was just about to sign off and call it a night (err, morning, considering it was like, three am).

I received this email (in its raw form, untouched by me) entitled “wolverine” from someone named Che Phillips:

just to let you know, i was lynn collins stunt double AND STAND IN so hense the ‘kissing’ scene.to clear things up,make sure info is correct before posting it mate!

Kate Newman

Hmm. At first I wasn’t sure what to make of this. “Kate Newman, as in Lynn Collins’s (Silverfox) stunt double in the upcoming Wolverine movie?” I asked myself. “Who is this Che Phillips?” And most importantly, “Did Kate Newman just read my blog? SCORE!”

After a few minutes of processing this improbability of being contacted by Ms. Newman herself, I responded with this email:

Hey Che Phillips/Kate Newman!

Can I call you Che? Or do you prefer Kate? 🙂

I’m kind of wondering why you didn’t just comment about what I said (I assume you’re referring to this months-old post) on my blog. Although emailing is fine, wouldn’t you rather share any inaccuracies I might write with anyone else reading the post? I’m sure they’d like to know, too.

But for the record, technically I didn’t get any information wrong. I did mention you were Lynn Collins’s stunt double. I failed to mention, as you noted, that you were also her stand-in. I also failed to mention your height, age, and your place of birth. Does that count as misinforming my readers, too?

And I’m still confused as to why you had to kiss Hugh Jackman, Che/Kate. You mentioning that you were also a stand-in for Lynn didn’t clear that matter up. What kind of scene was it that Lynn wasn’t capable of kissing him? That was my question in my post.

(Is he a good kisser? I’ve always wondered.)

Anyway, thanks for reading my blog, Che Phillips/Kate Newman. I’ll be sure to check my sources about any non-existent misinformation next time around.

Thanks for the email!

PS: I’ll be sure to let my readers know of my fake mistake next time I post. 🙂

Because you know, I have soo many readers that if I did spew rumors or false information, the world would fall off its axis. The earth would tremble, and society would collapse.

Hey, wait. Aren’t there sites that do this already? Aren’t there wider-known transits of communication that spread rumors, lies, and misinformation more than my harmless little blog? Or do I have an unstoppable cult following I’m not aware of who would set fire to the world if I hinted at it in one of my posts? (Experimentation time!)

… And when did this post start sounding so dark and anarchic?

Anyway, I thought I’d share this with you loyal readers of mine so Ms. Newman could have her voice heard. If I receive an email from her, I’ll be sure to keep you in the loop of our discussion.

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