Duck. Duck. BAT.


Yay, the first episode of Gotham Tonight with Mike Engel is up on the Gotham Cable News viral website! This is a political debate you’ll actually want to watch. (Or maybe just Batman fans, whatever.) In the ep, Mike Engel (Anthony Michael Hall) talks with Harvey Dent’s Media Manager Allan Cypes (pictured below), the shady and corrupt Acting District Attorney Roger Garcetti, and Dana Worthington—who also ran for DA in the race—about Harvey Dent’s big win and the controversy over Batman.

Mike: “Who’s gonna make this guy [Batman] retire? You?!”

It also ties Harvey’s work to convict mob boss Sal Maroni, setting up the stage for Maroni’s revenge in court when he sprays Dent with acid, physically scarring him. Although based on what we’ve seen in trailers for the movie it looks like this is going to be done differently.

Garcetti also gets pissed during the heated debate and threatens to uncover chinks in “the White Knight’s armor.” Which isn’t good for Harvey, considering he has some pretty deep dents (pun very much intended), heh.

Another new episode of the viral show will appear on Comcast this Friday, and then I’m assuming it’ll also be put online Monday afternoon. I can’t wait, either, because Mike Engel is going to be doing a feature on Bruce Wayne, oohhh [/geek].

It’s really cool—but not surprising, considering all the stuff they’ve done for TDK—all the work they’re putting into this website. There are always new articles being put up, it seems.

Haha, I saw this headline running at the top of the website, too:

Gothamite Pearl Scople wins Spelling Bee; final word was “Anatidaephobia”

What is Anatidaephobia, you ask?

The fear that somewhere, somehow, a duck is watching you.

Ducks?! (Quack.) Who cares about ducks when you have the all-seeing eye of Batman watching over Gotham?

Moving on. Here’s something different: an interview with Monique Curnen, who plays Detective Ramirez (although we fans all know she should be named Montoya).

And speaking of Anthony Michael Hall, there’s a new interview with him here. Haha, it’s actually pretty interesting to read, and it’s not long at all.

Now THIS is awesome. Batman-On-Film’s Jett talks about his invitation to the set of The Dark Knight in June of last year. So cool, lucky bastard! Haha, and the story about the cash and Gary Oldman is hilarious.

And finally … Drum roll, please!

The Joker has done something really cool to pizza …

Whoaaaa. This is AWESOME. Our first actual clip from The Dark Knight?! GASP.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Here are some screenshots.

Hey, look, it’s GCN!

Anyone know who that’s supposed to be?

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4 Responses to “Duck. Duck. BAT.”

  1. 1 John

    I THINK that the older actor playing the cop is Joseph F. Kosala, who played one of the cops who interrogated Harrison Ford in The Fugitive. He is actually a retire d Chicago cop who became an actor. But I’m not sure who he might be playing. I’m trying to figure out if it’s even him, but I’m pretty sure it is. More to come as I investigate this further.

  2. 2 John

    And yes, that scene is BAD-ASS.

  3. 3 John

    Make that Ron Dean. Kosala played the other cop. I think it’s Ron Dean.

  4. Haha, I’d hoped you’d reply to that, John. 😀 I figured you’d know.

    Whoa, glad you know. I didn’t see anyone who looked like him on the IMDB list (neither of those actors is listed, actually). Heh, I was trying to figure it out myself but I had no idea.

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