GEN Week-in-Review: 6-9-08


Yeah, so I’ve lost the ability to come up with unique titles for these weekly GEN posts. Oh well!

Another early review, and this time it’s a Top Cow/Marvel crossover. Cool.

This week’s new comic book releases …

On Tuesday I finished up a review for Pilot Season: Lady Pendragon #1.

Some awesome Hulk t-shirts, just in time for the new movie. (Whoops, I forgot they were in euros, John. So that’s actually not THAT great of a price, haha! Oh well, they’re still cool as hell.)

So I’m also writing part-time for now. Should be fun! And I thought I could help JC out getting some attention to the site and this month’s contest by posting about it on GEN, since it gets an unbelievable amount of hits every day.

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2 Responses to “GEN Week-in-Review: 6-9-08”

  1. How about “GEN, Will Blog For Food?”

  2. Rofl, sounds good, actually. I should try that.

    Or “Will Blog for Comics,” or something. 😛 Or Batman paraphernalia?

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