Whee, I’m a Nerd!


A ComicNerd, that is! As in a ComicNerd.com writer. 😛

(FYI, that’s not actually their button, but I had to put something on my blog’s The Girl page.)

If you haven’t heard of it (it’s in my blogroll, so you should!), ComicNerd.com is a site devoted to comic books. The wonderful team of writers post lots of comic reviews every week as well as some highlight features, including comic book movie news, site-exclusive contests, and a list of comics on sale. It’s really a cool site and all the writers there are awesome, I’m happy to be a part of the group.

I’ll be writing for the site in my spare time. As you might have noticed from the overflow of posts I’ve been making between the Girls Entertainment Network (GEN) and my own blog lately, I’m getting pretty good at juggling this stuff while still sticking to my style. I’m actually pretty psyched to be involved with now two great websites. The experience, I know, will really pay off in the long run.

Because of time, I won’t be making a fancy-schmancy weekly post on here with everything I do on ComicNerd like I do every Sunday with my GEN posts, but I’ll probably post just a list of them with links each week (and stash them in a new category) if you’re ever interested in reading my reviews.

Speaking of reviews, you can check out my first (a review of Batman: Gotham After Midnight #1) right here! Tell me what you think! 🙂

Here’s my bio for the Writing Staff page on the site, too.

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7 Responses to “Whee, I’m a Nerd!”

  1. When you’re famous. . . promise you won’t forget about me? 😦

  2. Thank you for the kind words Stephanie.

    I’m not 100% sure, but you coming on board could be the coolest thing ever; and the perfect ingredient to actually make ComicNerd a good site.

    I’m really happy you joined my cult… erm, site I mean.. and that you feel comfortable balancing all of your stuff.

    I plan on figuring out a way to have a featurette page for each writer so you can see all of their reviews in one place – hopefully this will take away some of your work on finding and linking to the stuff you’ve written & you can just link to one page…. just a thought.

    Anyway, ok, I gotta get back to work – thanks again!

  3. Lol! I promise, Tim! How could I forget about you and your awesomeness? 🙂

    Haha, thanks, JC!

    Ohh, that would be amazingly helpful. Great idea!

  4. 4 John

    Your review is excellent. I thought about picking this up, flipped through it, and decided not to. Your review is proof that I was right. 🙂 As always, massively well written and thoughtfully argued. You are so gifted. It’s insane.

  5. Thanks, John! 😀

    Lol, yeah. This comic was just weird—it was good at the same time it was ridiculously bad.

  6. Also, Nice Button Rhyme… Heard/Nerd. Truly hysterical xD

  7. LOL.

    I didn’t make it up, I just put together a quick button. 🙄

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