Evening, Bats


The Dark Knight now has a new Myspace page and Nokia has put up one with tons of stuff, including Vcast downloads (like wallpaper, screensavers, exclusive video, a mobile game, a digital comic, and totally random ringtones) and an upcoming contest with awesome prizes.

Batman-On-Film has more of Jett’s experience on the set of The Dark Knight. There’s an interview with Aaron Eckhart about his character Harvey Dent aka Two-Face and also one with Christopher Nolan about the character of the Joker and the film itself. Very cool. Part four of Jett’s story is coming soon and is about none other than Mr. Christian Bale. Whoo!

By the way, you can hear samples of the tracks from the upcoming TDK soundtrack here.

The Citizens for Batman seem to have something up their sleeve. Various sites have been getting packages from Gotham City with some cool and intriguing stuff inside …

I want one …

… Like a copy of The Gotham Times Volume 3, a note from the Citizens for Batman themselves about a secret operation/website, and a cool Batman-esque mask with the CFB logo on the inside. /Film, IGN (click the image above), and CHUD.com have pictures, video, and information.

You can check out that part of the CFB forums by clicking the second image below. The public part of the forums is here. Heh, some the posts are actually pretty funny—but jeez, they’re all hotheads!

It’s all part of the plan.

Cuute. Nycticeius sort of sounds like a Greek god or an exotic flower or something, but it actually refers to Nycticeius humeralis, the evening bat. Ha ha, get it? Evening bat? Batman? 🙄

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