And let me tell you … he’s not pretty


Oh. My God. THANK YOU, John, for sending me this. You have made my year.

Just another wonderful reason why Batman pwns Superman every time. Because he’s the Goddamn Batman!

ROFL, “you throw your laundry in.”

There’s an interview with the equally awesome (Bale rocks, too) Gary Oldman over on Batman-On-Film.

My Batman The Beginning t-shirt finally came! Wheee, pics! 😛

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7 Responses to “And let me tell you … he’s not pretty”

  1. 1 John

    Nice work on the t-shirt! (Eyes and lips, too.)

  2. 2 John

    (And the Bale video is much funnier if you imagine him reading all of that in his real voice.)

  3. Haha, thanks!

    And YES, I did, actually. Because Bale is hilarious and awesome.

  4. Nice pictures skank XD

    Hehe kidding. I like your hair like that, a lot. And the fact that you are kind of touching your boob in the 2nd picture, is gonna drive your personal geek fan club crazy!

    And you definitely have the most awesome wardrobe. You’re all geek goddess now!

    Oh and everything in that Bale video/flash thing was hysterical. I laughed for like 15 minutes because of what he “said” about Wonder Woman.

  5. OH, thanks, Tim (and yeah, I do too, haha). 😀

    LOL – I wasn’t actually touching my boob. Or I didn’t mean to. I was just supposed to be pointing at my t-shirt but then I was trying to focus on taking the damn pic, so I guess I didn’t realize it would turn out that way. Honestly!

    Haha, I know. I’m going to the mall today to get another Batman t-shirt, actually. LOL. I’ll get a pic of that soon. Maybe tomorrow. I don’t feel like posing anymore right now, hehe.

    I KNOW! God, I want to know where you found that, John. It was hilarious.

    “I was just brooding as usual …” hehehe. “Everyone and their mom.” Ohhh, classic.

  6. omfg that gif is HI-LARIOUS.

    I just watched it 3 times in a row – the epilepsy bit was classic, jeebus that was so bad…

  7. Haha, isn’t it?

    That’s GOT to be my favorite line of the whole thing.

    Gothamites are such moochers … 🙄

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