Let’s put a smm-iiile on that camera!


Lots of Batman news, whoo!

Along with some information about the Gotham Knight panel at Wizard World Chicago on June 28 (next Saturday) there’s a few new pictures from the movie, which comes out straight to dvd and blu-ray on July 8, over at Batman-On-Film.

First off regarding The Dark Knight, here’s an interview with Nestor Carbonell, who plays the mayor of Gotham in the movie. Yeah, that seemingly immortal guy from Lost? That’s him. Anyway, it’s a cool read and you get to see repeated typos (it’s Dark Knight, not Night—as in reference to the chivalrous guys in armor, not the period of time after the sun sets). And who isn’t a fan of Batman (or Gary Oldman)?

LatinoReview: When the movie started filming it was based around the Joker, which is Heath Ledger’s character. Did you have any scenes with him at all?
Carbonell: I am in a couple of scenes with Heath but I really didn’t have much interaction with him in the film. There was one particular moment that comes to mind that I did take note. I announce to a group of police officers and there is a big cheer in the room. Heath Ledger is behind bars, and it’s in the trailer actually, and it wasn’t scripted. He improvised this where he started clapping along in a very mocking sardonic way. Immediately I knew ‘Whoa, this guy’s got this role right in his veins. He knows this guy really well.’ That was one observation I had, but I didn’t have much interaction with him. I wish I would have had more. From what I understand the work he does in this film is just outstanding and unbelievable. I haven’t had a chance to see it but others have seen it. They said it was incredible.

Aweeesommeee! I wish I could have been there to see that, man.

Part Five of BOF’s TDK Set Visit is up! It features interviews with costumer Lindy Hemming, production designer Nathan Crowly, and producers Emma Thomas and Charles Roven. Hemming talks about Heath Ledger’s outfit as his character, the Joker. Crowly discusses the Batpod (kick ass!)–and, as expected from the comics, his gadgets sound freaking awesome.

There’s only a little section with Chris Corbould:

Chris Corbould is the special effect supervisor for THE DARK KNIGHT. We had the chance to chat briefly with him during the TDK set visit.

Chris explained a lot of the details behind the Batpod and gave high praise to its stunt driver, Jean-Pierre Goy.

Mr. Corbould also discussed the fact that CGI is used only when absolutely necessary in TDK (as well as in BATMAN BEGINS).

This is going to be good. But yeah, and I know Nolan wanted to film through any weather (like hard rain or wind) to make it more realistic—which is also going to be very cool.

And finally, Thomas and Roven talk about the film itself.

In other news, there’s been some neat viral stuff going on … Like this. Have fun!

Yeah, I suck and can’t beat it, hehe, but it leads here evidently, where if you watch for the 03:02:13:22 mark you’ll see this …

Which goes back to the first released Joker photo from the movie.

Ohhh viral? (That’s probably not new, but I haven’t seen it before.)

Another cool tv spot for The Dark Knight, yay!

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