Ha ha HA!


Batman fandom is my favorite kind of fandom. But the Joker rocks, too.

This is the shirt I will be wearing when I go to see The Dark Knight on the 18th.

Sideways shots PWN.

And the white of the Clown Prince of Crime’s face shall glow in the dark of theater … And it will be magical.

Nah, just kidding. 😛

You can watch the new episode of Gotham Tonight over at GCN.com, and this time it’s a segment on Bruce Wayne’s playboy life. There are some rather hilarious moments, too—including the title of the feature shown in the image below, some random lady talking about the Waynes and nominating them for sainthood, a jerk talking about Wayne technology (he’s weird), and the best part (besides the sneak reference to the Joker … awesome): Bruce himself talking.

The third episode—which will be available to watch on Comcast Friday and online next Monday—is about Gotham’s criminal underworld, and the fourth (in two weeks) will feature Jim Gordon. Hurray!

Yesss! Finally, Batman-On-Film has the set interview with Christian Bale (that’s Batman, if you don’t know by now) up here. It’s pretty damn awesome. Bale always seems to do interesting and funny interviews. ;D

This is a REALLY good article about The Dark Knight—brought to you by the wonderful Mr. John Bierly.

Oh my god! There are FOUR freaking kick ass new The Dark Knight tv spots! Here, here, here, and here. Each of them has new clips and they’re all really awesome (the last three are of much better quality than the first one, too). Trust me, you have to check these out.

(Note: On #6 the sound is off near the end, so it sounds like Gordon and Batman are speaking a different language, LOL. But really Jim is saying, “Things are going to get ugly,” and Batman says, “I’m counting on it.” Thanks for the translation, John! Haha!)

I think somebody got a little carried away with the camera.

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2 Responses to “Ha ha HA!”

  1. 1 John

    Great shirt. Great pictures. I like how you’re gazing up at Bale, ha.

  2. Haha, thank you, thank you.

    I WISH I was gazing up at Bale. 😉

    Mmm, Bale.

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