See you in the Crossfire


First of all, I’d like to give a random shout out to a blog called Comic Book Listings. Those good folks were nice enough to link to both my ComicNerd review of the nine-part Gotham Underground series (which they also Dugg) and my own blog right here through a post of theirs. I worked super hard on that post, so I’m thrilled it got some outside recognition. Thank you, that was awesome! 😀

Zomg! Mtv has an exclusive five-minute clip from Gotham Knight called “Crossfire”! It’s very cool, go check it out here.

Also in the movie, Gary Dourdan (from CSI) does the voice for a character named Crispus Allen, who can be seen in that clip. There’s an interview with him on

As for The Dark Knight, apparently an email was sent out by Jim Gordon late last week. WTF?! Where’s my email?!

With the probe into money laundering operations of the Gotham mobs well underway, I wanted to thank you for all your hard work and ask you all to keep your eyes open.

We all know that the mob can be quite ingenious when it comes to money laundering schemes. MCU must be just as ingenious in trying to root these schemes out.

Please, in your everyday life  as well as your work on the job  keep a lookout for anything out of the ordinary that may signal a money laundering scheme. Overheard conversations, suspicions of stores you frequent, etc. Everything is fodder for this critical investigation.

If you have any leads, tips, or information that can help the Major Crimes Unit crack this murky network of banks, businesses, and the people who run them, do not hesitate to contact me.

Via Superhero Hype!

There’s a cool interview with Michael Caine (aka Alfred Pennyworth) over here. The Dark Knight will be Caine’s 110th film. Whoaa, go Michael! I’ve made an animation in his honor …

Somehow his expression doesn’t seem to scream that. Oh well.

HA, I’m such a dork.

Some Marvel news! Will. i. am. (from the Black Eyed Peas) had this to say about his character in X-men Origins: Wolverine.

On a separate note … You know, I’ve been posting a lot of pictures of me showing off my comic book geek fandom. I want to see some of you guys!

Take a pic (or dig one up) of yourself in any fabulously geeky/nerdy shirt/costume and send it my way via email (subject line: FANDOM). You have … until July 2—that’s exactly one week from today—to submit any pics, and then I’m going to display them in a post dedicated to you guys … my many, many loyal readers. 🙄

And by the way, June is almost over, which means you should keep an eye on my blog’s banner come July. (Hint, hint.) Something awesome this way comes!

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2 Responses to “See you in the Crossfire”

  1. 1 John

    The Crispus Allen/Renee Montoya partnership is one of my favorite cop partnerships of all time. Montoya is in The Dark Knight, but for some reason they wouldn’t let them call her Montoya and instead she’s Detective Ramirez, as your readers know from when you so capably posted an interview with the actress. Anyway, I’d love to see Dourdan play Crispus Allen in a live-action movie. He’s perfect. (When I read the comics, I always had Samuel L. Jackson and Jennifer Lopez in my head as Allen and Montoya.)

    And if it ever comes to it, Logan Lerman (who has already held his own alongside Christian Bale in 3:10 to Yuma) as Dick Grayson.

  2. I don’t even think I’ve heard of C. Allen, but that sounds awesome.

    And so that WAS Montoya in the clip! I figured that was her. She looks awesome in Gotham Knight.

    Ha, Logan Lerman, yes! That would rule. 🙂

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