Siamese twins, Bat-insecurities, and funny ways to kick the proverbial bucket


Whoo! A week or so ago a new issue of The Gotham Times came online, which only meant the Joker would be up to his usual shenanigans. See? Didn’t I tell you?

Capes do NOT do wonders for the ass.

You can check out The Ha Ha Ha Times volume 3 here. It’s hilarious, as usual. GOD, the Joker makes me crack up. I mean, it’s just fun to read the headlines. I seriously want to know who writes this stuff. Anyway, /Film has the decoded hidden message—so if you pay attention to the circled letters in the issue you get this:

Page 1: Herrings are red
Page 2: Corpses are blue
Page 3: You’re on the right track
Page 4: But you don’t have the clue

Hmm, I wonder what that could mean.

Just in case you were doubting how well The Dark Knight is going to do, check this out (found via Batman-On-Film).

As if you needed much evidence for whether Warner Bros.’ next Batman offering The Dark Knight will be a certified mega-blockbuster, just released an internal poll showing that Christopher Nolan’s latest offering could be the biggest debut of the summer, if not the entire year. According to the poll, 81% of male moviegoers and 66 percent of female moviegoers polled June 10-15 intend to see “The Dark Knight” opening weekend. 100% of ticket buyers polled were aware of The Dark Knight‘s release this summer, compared with 49% of ticket buyers three weeks before “The Incredible Hulk” and 36% of buyers three weeks before “Iron Man.”

The Incredible Hulk muscled its way to a $54.5 million opening, while Iron Man bowed with $98.6 million. The biggest opening of all-time was last May’s Spider-Man 3 with $151.1 million, a number I expect The Dark Knight to possibly challenge on July 18th.

Nolan’s Batman Begins breathed new life to the once-downtrodden Warner franchise when it launched on June 15th, 2005 to stellar reviews. Debuting with $48.7 million, the film went on to gross $205 million domestic and $371.8 million worldwide.

Hell yeah! Better buy advanced tickets if you want to see this opening day. I am SO there with all the comic book geeks dressed as clown henchmen, the Joker, and in Batman fan shirts. And speaking of which, send me your geeky pictures! Don’t forget to include the subject line “FANDOM” in the email (contact me). And if you can’t make the deadline (July 2, which is next Wednesday) shoot me an email and I’ll be happy to extend it a few days.

And yes, I AM reminding you every freaking post. Because I’m damn persistent, that’s why. ;D

Back to the news! There’s a really brilliant interview with the late Heath Ledger (RIP) over at that was done while they were filming in Chicago. I have no doubt that his Joker is going to be awesome (I mean, look at the trailers!) and will make us fans miss him and his acting even more.

You know it’s going to be good when an actor’s own performance scares himself, not just others.

Nicholson said the first time he saw himself as The Joker he forgot his lines. Was there a moment you looked at your performance and felt a certain way?
I haven’t looked at it yet. I’ve heard it, in the trailer and it kinda creeped me out a little bit but I haven’t seen it yet.

He even talks about the classic tension between Batman and the Joker in the movie.

Can you talk about your scenes with Christian. You’re the nemesis you know, the iconic Batman nemesis there must be some electricity?
Well, firstly, it’s an honor to work with Christian. I mean the cast in general is pretty outstanding, I mean, every single one of these people I’ve wanted to work with, and have inspired me at some point and so it’s ridiculous, the cast and my first scene was with Gary Oldman, which was mind blowing. Then after he leaves the interrogation room, Batman arrives (laughs), you know? And suddenly, I realized what movie I was in (laughs) and it’s quite fun actually because you know I was supposed to, you know, nothing really gets under my skin, including Batman, and it’s quite easy, as an actor, because it’s kind of funny, seeing someone dressed up in a bat suit, it was easy to laugh at it but he’s incredibly professional and incredibly focused and you know, one of the loveliest guys I’ve ever worked with and a brilliant actor and, even down to Batman like how serious he takes it, and how he transforms and his voice shifts and aggressive he gets, it’s really inspiring stuff.

So the concept is that Batman uses fear, and that Joker has no fear of Batman – it’s that kind of relationship?
Yeah. They can’t really live without each other. It’s that kind of relationship. You know? Like they have no real purpose in life without each other. So they don’t really want each other dead.

And there’s another interview on about TDK—this time with Michael Jai White, the guy who plays a character named Gamble.

Finally, I just wanted to throw this out there. Batman-On-Film has another The Dark Knight giveaway up, sweeet! First off, two lucky winners will win these Batman and the Joker 1:6 scale deluxe collector figures …

And then ten runners-up will either receive a copy of the Batman Begins limited edition gift set (which includes the six-minute Imax prologue for The Dark Knight; a thirty-two page booklet including script pages, storyboards, and film stills from TDK; a sixteen-page comic book adaptation of the TDK prologue; five collectible Batman Begins post cards; a Batman Begins key art Lenticular; a movie money ticket worth up to $7.50 to see The Dark Knight in theaters) on blu-ray, or Batman: Gotham Knight on blu-ray. Freaking kick ass.

Check out the details and find out how to enter here. The questions are pretty easy, but here are the answers anyway.

1) Christian Bale
2) Heath Ledger
3) Rachel Dawes
4) Chicago
5) Christopher Nolan

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