Faultly lighting my ass


Bat-update time!

Hey, this is cool. Today I received an email from MovieTickets.com about The Dark Knight that I thought might interest you guys.

Quick note we thought you might be interested in:

As of June 27, “Dark Knight” has sold eight times as many tickets on MovieTickets.com as “Spider-Man 3” at the same point in the sales cycle — 21 days from the film’s official release. “Spider-Man 3” is the No. 10 film on MovieTickets.com’s Top-10 Performing Films of All-Time.

Holy crap! That’s AWESOME!

All right, there are some cool new videos to check out, but I’m not going to embed any of them here just because there are several of them. First off, Entertainment Tonight has a TDK exclusive with new footage of the movie, and you can watch that here (despite the crappy quality because someone recorded it off of his tv).

David Letterman lists three ultimate reasons to see The Dark Knight (or is it Prince?) in this hilarious video. Hey, you’ve convinced me, Dave. ;D Opening day, here I come!

Whoo, somebody on Youtube recorded and uploaded the next two episodes of Gotham Tonight—which you’ll also be able to watch in better quality on the official website come Monday. And whoa, in the third episode (the first video of the /Film article) of Gotham Tonight with Mike Engel, the security feed of the Joker that can be seen here is explained. We also get to see Sal Maroni, the character who eventually takes revenge upon Harvey Dent.

The second video is with Lydia Filangeri and talks about Mr. Awesome, aka Jim Gordon (Gary Oldman)—and there’s a hilarious moment with him, too (pfft, “faulty lighting”). It’s pretty cool and we get to see his wife, Barbara Gordon! We also get a first look at Police Commissioner Loeb.

Those two new episodes of Gotham Tonight are pretty insightful, as the stuff they talk about is most likely tied with the plot of TDK. Next time around we get to see a “televised interview” with Harvey Dent, yay! Plus, a debate between Sal Maroni and Commissioner Loeb.

There are some cool new videos over at Comcast.net: a segment called “Filming in Chicago” (oh my god, was that the Tumbler that just drove into the water?!), a preview of “Batman Unmasked” (premiering on the History Channel July 16 and 17), and “Gotham Knight Behind the Scenes” (which discusses the connection between Batman and the villain Killer Croc).

According to /Film, there will indeed be a memoriam at the end of The Dark Knight.

As expected, Warner Bros’ The Dark Knight includes a dedication to the late Heath Ledger in the credits. The text will read:

“In memory of our friends Heath Ledger & Conway Wickliffe”

For those of you who don’t know, Wickliffe is the special-effects technician who was killed last September in a stunt-car accident on the set of the Batman sequel.

As you might be noticing, some of these pictures are new images from the film (thanks to Mr. John Bierly for sending me the link). The pic above resembles a panel from The Long Halloween comic (found it on Batman-On-Film), I believe.

So this isn’t really news or anything, but I noticed a couple things from reading Batman: Year One and Batman: The Haunted Knight (again, courtesy of John), two graphic novels that absolutely rock. For one, you know that device on the bottom of Batman’s shoe and the little whistle thingie he used to call the bats in Batman Begins? Totally from Year One. And Dr. Crane’s hilariously awesome line from the movie in which he says, “Dr. Crane isn’t here right now … but if you’d like to make an appointment …”? Straight from The Haunted Knight. I love fan tidbits like that.

Anyway. There’s an interview with Christopher Nolan over at IGN.com. Part of it has Nolan explaining why the one cop, played by Monique Curnen, isn’t named Rene Montoya:

Q: Along those lines of the supporting actors, your Batman films relative to other superhero films, have a pretty huge amount of supporting characters. What criteria do you use to decide which characters to bring in? For example, do you have a need for a female police officer and call her Rene Montoya?

Nolan: Yeah, well it’s not Rene Montoya. We looked at using her, but we wanted to change the character from the way the character is in the comics so we changed the name, and she became a different character — and that’s part of our process. We look at: What are the demands of our story based on our reading of various comics? As the story starts to shape itself, there’s a certain sense in which you decide which characters are we representing and which have changed a bit and therefore need to be our own characters and in what way the history of the comics is helping you tell your story. So that’s kind of the best way I can describe the process. There are certain legalistic aspects. I’ll sit there with Goyer saying, “Wouldn’t it be great if this happened or if we had a character do this?” And he’ll say, “Oh, that’s so and so from such and such.” And he has a great knowledge of the comics, so it’s very fun to run over stuff with him.

Well I guess that makes sense, even though I’d rather see Montoya.

This is also really awesome. God, Michael Caine rocks.

Q: There’s a quote attributed to you that said Superman is sort of the way that America views itself and Batman is the way that the rest of the world views America.

Nolan: That’s fantastic that that’s attributed to me, but it’s not my quote. It’s Michael Caine’s. No he said it to me the first time I met him. I thought it was very interesting. I thought it was a very interesting point of view.

And Parade magazine has a cool interview with Christian Bale. He also says something wickedly awesome about Caine, who has made TDK his 110th film.

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