Even clowns don’t find that funny


Some awesome Dark Knight news!

Why So Serious? It’s almost the 18th!

Batman-On-Film has an exclusive interview with Christopher Nolan himself! I know it’s getting very close to the release of the movie, but don’t worry, the article is essentially spoiler-free and it’s definitely worth reading. I love the ending line of the interview—about Heath.

The Why So Serious? viral website has been updated with all the viral events and sites since the beginning. Click anything on the screen (or each thing on the checklist) to be taken to a rundown of all past activities a la police report. It’s pretty awesome. The only things left to do on the Joker’s checklist are “Be good to my guests,” “Gather all my fans,” and “Leave a big mark.” And on the 18th, I’m sure you will … Heath. (You already have.)

#11 takes you to this new game. Beat it and you get this:

Domino’s Pizza is doing a big promotion for The Dark Knight … except Domino’s makes crappy pizza and they’re all schmucks. You have to buy a pizza and track it (that’s just not cool, man) to be able to enter the Vault to see the extended (and awesome) trailer in high-quality; if you’re like I was and you’re dying to watch it without coughing up the cash (and wasting pizza), /Film has a decent video of the trailer—the best one I’ve found, actually, on the internet besides on the Domino’s website. You can watch it below.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

EDIT: Although I just found out that by going here and entering the phone number 000-000-0000 into the tracker you can still enter the Vault. Muahaha!

I just saw a cool Domino’s/The Dark Knight commercial today. You can watch it yourself here (skip the random messages at the beginning—the actual commercial starts at 0:30).

Citizens for Batman has been updated with a countdown to something … on July 8th.

Some people received packages from Citizens for Batman the other day: containing two bumper stickers, two regular stickers, a keychain, and a note. Lucky jerks. You can see pictures here—including the note.

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