ComicNerd reviews: 6-30-08


Hmm, what did I review this week?

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5 Responses to “ComicNerd reviews: 6-30-08”

  1. 1 John

    Brilliant work as always, Stephanie! Thanks for confirming my fears about the Joker’s Asylum stuff; not everyone can write for The Joker, and after flipping through this at the comic shop and feeling the same way you did about the art, I put it right back up on the shelf. No thanks.

    And the new Batman … whoa. I liked the stuff at the beginning with Tim Drake, and I liked the twist with Dick Grayson and his predicament, and I especially loved the point you made about how Bruce is going to be Batman no matter what is done to him. I like that idea a lot.

    But Zur-en-Arrh makes me go Zur-en-ARGH!


    You write too well for your own good. Don’t stop. 🙂

  2. 2 John


    New banner! New banner! Awesome!

  3. Thanks, John!

    Hahaha, Zur-En-ARGH! Love it!

    Yes! New banner! And lots more to come!

  4. 4 John

    Now I can’t stop talking like a pirate.

  5. That’s okay, pirates rule.

    Zur En Argghhhh, matey!

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