The excitement continues!


The Dark Knight is less than two weeks away! And this post is brought to you by SPOILER CONTROL, so you can enjoy these and future posts on my blog without wishing you had gouged your eyes out prior to reading them. This (for the present) applies to future TDK-related posts until the 18th. Enjoy!

Batman-On-Film has an interview with Jonathan “Jonah” Nolan (screenplay) and David Goyer (TDK story). Jonah says something in the interview about when he saw Batman Begins that mirrors why I get so excited to see a movie—especially this movie—I’m anticipating the first day it comes out.

… You know I worked a bit on the last film as an consultant — very briefly. And I went to see BATMAN BEGINS at the 12AM midnight sneak. That was an exciting thing to be able to watch it with an audience — and audience that was very excited to see it and respond to all the amazing ideas that they had put into it. That was cool.

The geeks and fanboys (or girls, hey!) are there opening day. The people who are just as, if not more, excited about the same film you are. (Goyer accurately describes them as a “real” audience.) I experienced this for the first time when I saw one of the Harry Potter movies … and it was such a rush. And hopefully I’ll get to see some people dressed up! If I do, I’ll try to take pictures and then post ’em on my blog! Of course, I’ll be writing a review of The Dark Knight along with any other details of my movie-viewing experience on the 18th.

Anyway, here’s hope for the Bat-fans like me who want to see a non-traditional villain in the third film! Thank you!

JN: … Batman’s rogues gallery — most of them are very realistic. It’s BIG and it’s DEEP — that bench has a lot of depth. And uh, a lot of those characters feel as if they could fit into our “realistic” world.

DG: You know the thing is with the first one, people would say “Who are you going to use? The Penguin, The Joker, The Riddler, etc.” These are the well known characters — known principally from the TV show — and guess what, we used Ra’s Al Ghul and The Scarecrow. Now they weren’t characters from the other films or the TV show but these were big characters from the comics. And there are a lot of big characters in the comics that haven’t been used — comic book readers know who they are though.

Yes! Exactly what I think. On another note, there are some cool TDK wallpapers on Super Punch that you can add to your arsenal.

Entertainment Weekly‘s new issue has just about the coolest TDK cover I’ve seen. And you can read their full article (which also rocks, but be careful—there’s some Joker spoilers in it) at

You can watch a TDK Sneak Peak vid—which incorporates part of two of the twelve clips recently featured—by E! News Now here. Now obviously something like that is a spoiler, so watch at your own risk (especially because the host is kind of annoying). has a list of upcoming talk shows that will have TDK actors as guest stars, starting with Aaron Eckhart on tomorrow’s The Tonight Show.

There’s a new episode of Gotham Tonight with Mike Engel up—guest starring Commissioner Loeb and Sal Maroni (haha, what an ass)! (I love how Maroni makes that “bored to death” comment and Engel is just like, “… No, we wouldn’t.” Haha! Poor Mike.)

The Citizens for Batman website shows two coordinates where fans are supposed to gather when the countdown ends tomorrow: 9 pm Central in Chicago and 10 pm Eastern in New York. Damn, too bad I can’t be there. More on that after it happens.

The Joker strikes (cell phones) again! Superhero Hype! posted this today:

UPDATE: Fans with the Joker phones just got the following from

OK clown, I see one last test of skill in your future. Post this where everyone can see it: LAMB

Hmmm, what could that mean? Can anyone shed any light on this?

Anywho, want to see the Batmobile take on the Toyota F1 racing team and see how awkward (but fun) the Batpod must be to ride? Hell yeah! Click the Superhero Hype! link above to see the video. Besides all the picture-taking and driver posing mixed in, it’s pretty awesome.

There are four brand new, must-watch TDK tv spots here! These are absolutely kick ass, and they each have new footage and voice overs. Thanks to John for the link!

Andddd … oh my god! The trailer for The Dark Knight that was shown at last year’s Wizard World Chicago is finally online for our viewing pleasure! AWESOME! It’s way action-packed and has moments those of us who weren’t able to attend WWC have only recently been privy to. Like scenes from tv spots and hey, remember that special Two-Face scene on the Why So Serious page that’s now been taken over by the phrase “Hero today, gone tomorrow” (highlight everything on the site to see the message)? You can watch the trailer below. (Via /Film)

Vodpod videos no longer available.

More talk on the Robin (??) front is going on. Some people on the top of the Bat-fandom food chain are saying Robin might just be the perfect next move … which I’ve been concurring with. In fact, the great comics writer Jeph Loeb even said something I’ve been saying for a couple posts now:

“Take the time to tell the story properly,” Loeb said. “There is a story of Dick Grayson and how he becomes Robin that is extremely moving and very helpful. …[Grayson/Robin] doesn’t understand why it is that he needs to do this and Bruce doesn’t understand why he’s doing it either because he’s not a parent. He doesn’t know how to be a parent,” Loeb said. “And together, they make each other better people. So that for me would be the next step.”

… “I wouldn’t let him become Robin until the third act, if that. I think that’s the other problem when you tell that story is that there’s this rush to put him in a costume by the end of the first 20 minutes and in that case I think it’s a disaster…”

Apparently Christian Bale is either dead-opposed or sarcastic (it’s hard to tell from articles sometimes written by people with no humor)—but various sources (like /Film and say that this quote by him is sadly leaning towards the former:

“If Robin crops up in one of the new Batman films, I’ll be chaining myself up somewhere and refusing to go to work.”

Christian, as much as I adore you as a talented actor … WTF, man?!

Talk back: What do you guys think about the whole Robin deal? Would you like to see him in the next Nolan-Batman movie? And is it just me, or is Bale being just a tad ridiculous?

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2 Responses to “The excitement continues!”

  1. 1 John

    I’ll have you know that you’ve become as big a hero to me as Batman is.

    I can’t wait to dive into all of this good, good stuff once I’ve seen the movie and lifted my spoiler embargo. 🙂

    You and your work are appreciated. Big time.

  2. Very nice!!

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