The REAL man of steel


Ladies and gentlemen, meet Aaron Eckhart.

I just watched him on The Tonight Show. And so did John Bierly.

Back to Eckhart. Damn, that man is fine. ;D Now I know why he looks so good in a suit! Everyone, say hello to the Clark Kent of Gotham—the White Knight, Harvey Dent. You might be saying, “But hey, what about Bats?” Well, it’s all in the abs (and yeah, Batman has killer abs, too)—and remember, Supes doesn’t wear a mask (he’s not a dark character either, but he does have a, erm, dual identity, if you catch my geeky drift). Anyway, no wonder he’s on the cover of Men’s Health magazine. I just about melted when Jay got it out to show the audience, and Mr. Modest Hot Abs sheepishly asked him to put it away. Along with Christian Bale, Aaron wins the award for Best Boyish Grin of the Year.

He has such a lovely, smooth voice, too.

They showed a clip from The Dark Knight (clip eleven of the twelve on; Aaron said some really sweet things about Heath and how he gave stunning and unique performances every take.

Now here’s some random trivia about the fantastic Aaron Eckhart.

1. He’s a surfer. Mmm.

2. When he was young he fell sixty feet off a cliff while camping. He fell thirty feet, hit a rock, and then fell again, and according to his brother he was muttering, “Why does this always happen to me?” Haha!

3. He has two brothers, and one is named Jim. (Hey, Jimbo!)

4. His mom was a poet and a children’s author. One of the books she wrote was on Christopher Columbus. Aaron adorably suggested that Jay could get it for his kids, and eventually Jay responded, “I don’t have any kids.” And when Aaron starting cracking up, he continued, “Thanks for reading my bio before you came.”

5. Aaron doesn’t have any kids, either.

6. His first girlfriend was in third grade. The ladies’ man. I’m telling you, it’s that boyish grin.

7. He chose to try out for a Charlie Brown play (his first) over rugby, for a reason he still can’t figure out. He got the part of Charlie Brown.

8. He’s had various past jobs like being a valet—he admits most valets do horrible things with people’s cars—and a mad grocery bagger. Paper or plastic, Aaron?

As a final note, I’d just like to say that I Believe in Harvey Dent … Aaron Eckhart for the win!

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9 Responses to “The REAL man of steel”

  1. 1 John

    Yes, but can he tell a good web-cam joke? No? Ed Zachary!

  2. Haha, that’s true. ๐Ÿ˜›

  3. 3 Rebel Without a Sauce

    I’d hit that.

    OW. Why does my soul hurt when I lie?

  4. Hehe.

    Dude, I love your name. Rebel Without a Sauce. ;D

  5. 5 Mike

    Ok, so I didn’t read this post yet, but I have to get you reading this: Seroiusly. Funny. Shit.

  6. 6 Mike

    Ok, totally read it now. Yes, he’s cool. Way cooler than me. Good thing my significant other will most likely never get a chance to meet him becuase I would lose. I know my limitations!

  7. Hahah, oh my god! I just read the McDonalds one and it was hilarious. Ninjas + McDonalds jokes = awesome.

    Thanks for that! Ninjas rock.

    Aw, but you’re cool in your own way, Mike. ;D

  8. 8 Rebel Without a Sauce

    I think you might be a little bit confused… Doctor McNinja doesn’t have anything to do with McDonalds… that’s a huge conflict of interest for a doctor, and his ethics are UNSHAKEABLE. :O

    Thanks, I like my name too. I thought it was very clever up until this exact moment in time. Dangs.

  9. Hehe, you should do an in-depth essay on the psychological and moral aspects of Doctor McNinja. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Hey, I found it witty. Mmm, sauce … pizza sauce? Now I’m hungry!

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