Why So Goth?


Before I move along with this post, I just want to say thanks to the amazing John Bierly for getting me an insane amount of views (for my blog, anyway). Batman-On-Film linked to his Eckhart/Leno coverage, and John linked to mine. That’s one hell of a Circle of Awesome. We both made it to the top of the Entertainment section! Yay us! 😛

I’m going to try to cover as many talk shows featuring TDK cast members as I can. Looks like the next one is with Michael Caine on Friday.

Anywho. Time for some random and fun comic strips. The first is brought to you by Dan Piraro’s Bizarro.

And this one’s by the great DeviantART artist, TheMonkeyYOUWant. It’s both part of a comic strip line he does called “Have a Gothy Day” and it’s a spoof off of the TDK Why So Serious? poster from awhile back.

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